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  1. I did the stupid survey and all I got was a blank page, no code. It could be raining codes and I'd be the only one without a bucket to catch them. I've gone so cold on finding codes there blaming me for the sinking of the Titanic. Anyway thanks for the codes, Bob
  2. Earlygiftsave1k for 1000 points. Found it in my drivewise at allstate. Have a reat day! Update, OOP's it's an old code.............. Bob
  3. Thank you for the codes! Time to start cruising and start using all the gift cards. Going to miss the 12% off cards really loaded up on those. Dusting off the cards and booking four cruises for 2021 so far. Never realized I would miss it so much during the shutdown. So See-Ya on the Seas and enjoy the restart of carnival. Bob
  4. Thank you everyone for all the codes! November will soon be upon us and hopefully Carnival will be sailing by then. Never knew how much I would miss cruising till now. Longing for those evening strolls on deck and the new friends we always meet. Can't wait to try my luck in the casino's and the wonderful dinners in the dining room. Hopefully soon it will be back to normal. Have a great week everybody, Cabo Bob
  5. Thank You for the great codes! Got the June one in an email but not the others. Think I'll sharpen my pencil and try to decipher more codes. Really have lost my touch but at least I found one this month. Have a great weekend everyone!! Cabo Bob
  6. Carnival has just extended the restart to October 1st 2020. Anyone sailing in August or September get premium credits or refund. Beginning to wonder if our family cruise is happening at all this year 😞. Bob
  7. I just bought some 500.00 dollar cards. Still can't believe what a great deal they are. Have a bunch now for the annual family and grandkids cruise. Just not sure where we are going yet. Going to book when Carnival starts up again. On another note has anyone bought the Princess cards? They are 13% off or 435.00 for a 500.00 dollar card. Do they work the same? Cabo Bob
  8. Carnival owns 107 ships according to the article I read. They are getting rid of six earlier than scheduled. Apparently they are old and from the 90's. The article was in Forbes I believe. Bob
  9. Feels like Christmas in June with all the new codes! Thanks everyone! I believe the Carnival cruisers here are getting a little excited. I know I am, in about six weeks the ships will again be leaving the docks! You really don't realize how much you miss it until they shut down. Have a Wonderful Weekend, Bob
  10. Top of the Mornin to Ya'all got me a southern drawl...Tip of the hat to Saint Greg for that awesome code it put me in the exploring mode. Hemmed and hawed yither and to, till I came up with a code for you. I owe this to Greg and that is true but I have a code worth 10,000 points to You. Sooo with no further Ado here is the code for Youuu.... ANNIVERSARY10K So there you go, what can I say, Have a very, very, Very Nice Day!!! Cabo Bob
  11. We sailed the Pride last September right after the Hurricane. Ship was followed by three HUGE water Tornados after we dropped off generators at Freeport (drop off only). That was the wildest thin I've ever seen cruising. These Gigantic water spouts were catching up to the ship and the captain hit full throttle and made evasive maneuvers. It was absolutely AWESOME! Bob
  12. Helene, Was there any new restrictions when booking? Such as age, Health and prior medical conditions. I have cruises booked before the shutdown and was wondering. Getting up there in years and a cancer survivor. Did they ask you any of those questions? Thanks, Cabo Bob
  13. Thank you for all the codes!🙂. Was trying to find some codes again but after an hour or so gave up. The new codes don't use product on the website. Oh well time to cruise soon! Is anybody booked in August to Sail? Really curious to see what changes they make after the shutdown. Have a great day, Cabo Bob
  14. PS; Spent three hours trying to crack some codes but to no avail. Seems like all the codes come out from left field and are not associated with product, sweepstakes or auctions. New site is harder because you have to retype the whole code. Old site you could just rearrange the letters and numbers. Well it was good while it lasted. Bob
  15. Little slow to the plate but yes I got the wonderful 15000 point email also. I've bought a lot of cards at the 12% off (great deal) so I'm good for now. Hope it helps Carnival get through these tough times. It's hard to beat Carnival for value! Everyone have a great weekend. The weather is nice and the Country is opening up. Have Fun and be Safe! Cabo Bob
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