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  1. Just not having any fun here any more.... Going on a long vacation.....
  2. Oki-Doki, Got the best code of the year! 8080 Pointeroos!!! Yup, 8080 of them thar lil puppies.... It was New Year day and I was laying on a beach when all of the sudden a seagull dropped a poop bomb right smack on my forehead! It was right there and then or right then and there I got me an e-piphany for a code. I took out my hanky and wiped the poop bomb of my forehead to Save for later to show ma buddies. Doo hope not to have no more poop bombs in 2020. Any-Hoo, There you have it. The code is in ma lil story above. Four codes 2020 pointeroos a-peach, oops, apiece. If you find it, no giving it out. I've been very busy lately and there are a hole lotta more codes... Good Luck, Cabo Bob 😎 and his toungettes
  3. Good for 4000 points.Two words, and numbers. You get one word. That word is; "FAN" No more free lunch. You have to work for them codes. Good Luck... Cabo Bob 😎 toungettes are on a cruise
  4. If you have Allstate insurance go into the main website and click your Drivewise account. The link there will take you to the rewards page. For a limited time the Carnival cards are only 400.00 for a 500.00 Hundred Dollar card. Amazing!!!
  5. Just thought I would add to the fun! Wow! Nice work going back and listing the good codes! Well Happy New Years Everyone! Here are some codes that will come up this spring and summer 2020MOMSDAY 20MOMSDAY MOMSDAY2020 MOMSDAY20 & 2020DADSDAY 20DADSDAY DADSDAY2020 DADSDAY20 So there you have a cool 8000 points.... Happy New Year and stay safe, Cabo Bob😛😎😛 and his toungettes
  6. I Really don't want to make you guys cry. Therefor My Report card will remain a secret.... Happy New Year, Rev up your points engines and good luck!!! Cabo Bob 😎and his toungettes
  7. Hope Santa brings me new codes for Christmas! My cupboards are bare and Tiny Tim needs a New Prosthetic Leg. We used his old wooden one for fire wood to keep warm on this Xmas Eve.....
  8. That's Weird! Just tried "2019BESTOF" and that one does not work for me. Cabo Bob
  9. 19BESTOF BESTOF19 BESTOF2019 All good for 1000 points each. Cabo Bob 😎and his toungettes
  10. BBBRRRR, It's cold outside. To keep warm BUNDLEUP19 layers of clothes, that ought to do it. Or you could just go outside and flap your arms wishing you had 19BUNDLEUP layers of clothes on. Guess this is the year of the 2019BUNDLEUP cause it is going to even get colder... Me? I'm going to Cabo. They don't call me Bob for nothing... Cabo Bob 😎and his toungettes Pssst…There are secret codes above.
  11. THGIR RUOY! I love puzzles and quizzes, Especially figuring out Allstate codes. I am retired now and it keeps my mind sharp. I have retired friends who are like the "Tower of Babble-on" and on and on. So keep sharp!! This was an easy one. Cabo Bob and his toungettes
  12. Dyslectic Bob Here, They work you just need to figure them out. And no giving out the answers!!!! Have a few codes 1st three lines.... 91EDIUGTFIG EDIUGTFIG91 EDIUGTFIG9102 EREHT HTROW OOO3 STNIOP!!!! KCUL DOOG Quiz Bob and his dyslecticettes
  13. Well, That's the last time I listen to 🙃Mary Poppins🙃…. Oh for the love of Pete! Look how time flies🦜🐦 It is almost "2020NEWYEAR" Or will it be "NEW2020YEAR" There is always the old standby "NEWYEAR2020". Three codes worth a thousand points each! Wow! That's 2000 points! Cabo Bob 😎and his toungettes
  14. Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious19 It's supposed to work but I think I spelled it wrong..... Spelling B-Bob 👨‍🏫and his toungettes
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