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  1. And I wet mine when ever I pass a watering spot.
  2. i know this is late - but add this to roll call and ask a guest services if they can set up a game.
  3. Thanks Hank. It is acutally called mydaytrip and they are in Europe. It says it takes you right to the port, however, when I went to book, the price jumped to $136 for two, so I am going to do more research. Good reviews on-line.
  4. Has anyone ever used DAYTRIP to get from Rome to Civatevecchia? I have taken the train and this is just 23E from hotel to port. Thanks.
  5. It's part of the cruise world, just like airlines. Also, being nice and just asking gets me alot. This happened to me when I booked prior to Christmas and when i called, I asked if they could match or give me perks or whatever and I got everything I wanted. Same thing with my air.
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