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  1. FlyingJs

    New York Terminal, Driving and Parking???

    Thought I would just drive through unless I can find one of the stay and park deals that worked out for me out of Bayonne a couple of years ago. I think I see that there arent too many of those and I really don't know what is and isn't close...thanks for any info!!
  2. FlyingJs

    Driving to, parking New York port

    Great information! Thank you!!
  3. FlyingJs

    New York Terminal, Driving and Parking???

    Yikes, sorry, looks like I jumped the gun. I saw many posts on this topic in the threads below. Problem is, now I am even more confused!! LOL. Looks like $30 a day, probably go that route except the cruise does leave on a weekday, yikes.
  4. Hi Everyone!! We are driving in from Ohio to board the Carnival Miracle on June 9, 2009. Looking for information on driving into and parking at the port. Than you for any help! Just nervous about driving into the city, always was on a shuttle or cab in New York before, and have never been to the port. Thank you!! J
  5. Hi everyone! We are driving in from Ohio to go on the Carnival Miracle on June 9, 2009. Was wondering about getting into the port that morning and what parking was available, cost etc.... Anyone with any previous experience doing this, we would sure appreciate any information. Thank you!! J
  6. FlyingJs

    Princess Luggage Tags

    Thanks everyone! Will opt to put them on in Seattle. Thanks again!!
  7. FlyingJs

    Princess Luggage Tags

    Okay, I know, dimwit question but........... Do I put my Princess bag tag sticky things on before we get on the plane or after I get into Seattle before we get to the boat? In other words, will they outlast the flights? Thanks in advance!!
  8. FlyingJs

    Brining onboard alcohol & room attendants

    I was wondering about that. Good idea!
  9. FlyingJs

    Brining onboard alcohol & room attendants

    While on the subject. I have always taken the 5 liter boxes, but for the life of me I can not remember if they did in fact fit in the fridge, I can't even remember if we had a fridge, yikes! Anyway, first cruise on Princess next week, should I go with the 3 liter boxes? Thank you!!
  10. $25 bucks for a formal portrait, and might I add, I really have liked the quality of the photos, especially the formal portraits on the cruises I have been on. With my family of 5, god only knows what a formal portrait would be here, sitting charges etc...i would say well over a couple of hundred. It is the one thing that we actually splurge on when on the ships. Once again, no obligation to buy and you get to see the final result before the purchase. BARGAIN!!
  11. FlyingJs

    is there hot coco on coral princess?

    Cashew is probably looking for beer!:p
  12. FlyingJs

    Laundry detergent

    [quote name='xSoCalGal']I did the same on our Baltic cruise. And I saw several people in the laundry room who were frustrated by not being able to make change, and/or having the soap dispenser eat all their quarters. I also invested $10 in a pop-up hamper from Target. It lies flat in your luggage, but it made hauling everything to/from the laundromat a lot easier. We left it set up in the stateroom closet, and just threw out dirty stuff in it each night. Several people we met in the laundromat thought it was a great idea and asked us where we bought it. Dh and I were traveling with our 2 kids so we had quite a bit of laundry on our 16-day trip. ;)[/quote] Brilliant!!
  13. Thanks for the review!!
  14. FlyingJs

    Question on Anytime Dining Star Princess

    Rosey, if you are going on the 17th of August you most certainly will be stuck with me, my wife, my 3 boys, 16, 14 and 13, grandma, and grandpa. Except for my boys being complete slobs (ever see anyone pick an entire lobster up and eat it as if it were a drumstick?) you should be okay, except maybe of grandpa's ummm, errr, noises. Can't wait to meet you and your hubby!! Okay, fact is, I don't know, but I was told that with Anytime, you can in fact get a two top! Enjoy!!!!
  15. FlyingJs

    Back from Star - any questions?

    I think that they just take the punches off the card for the speacialty coffees, the brewed coffee, with the card, you can get as much as you like. The hot chocolate, not sure if that takes a punch off the card or not.