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  1. I remember almost a year ago being somewhat hopeful that my end of May 2020 cruise would sail. Would never have guessed we would be in this position a year later.
  2. Last year when our summer cruise was cancelled we ended up going to Wyoming and visiting Yellowstone and Grand Teton National park. Ended up being one of my favorite family vacations. This spring since again no cruise we are flying into Miami and then renting a car and driving through the keys down to Key West. I’m now looking at potential backups for our July Mardi Gras cruise that I expect to get cancelled.
  3. Crown loft suite is also available but the balcony doesn’t look that big and not sure of the open loft concept.
  4. Which of the following would you choose, a 2 bedroom grand suite on the Allure or a 1 bedroom aquatheatre suite on the Symphony. Cruise will be myself, husband and teenaged daughter. Love the balcony on the Aqua suite but I really don’t like the 1 small bathroom that you have to access through the bedroom. The itinerary is almost the same for both.
  5. July 2021 on Mardi Gras. I honestly am starting to feel like anything before fall won’t happen so currently looking at a March 2022 on the Sunrise option.
  6. 0% chance of an April cruise out of CA. I’ve been optimistic during this whole ordeal but even for me my optimism has worn out. This is just my opinion but I think until a vaccine is out and enough people have taken it to give some confidence of herd immunity that things won’t be back to “normal”. I have a mid July Mardi Gras cruise booked and just this weekend was looking to book something for March 2022 as a backup. I’m super picky about cabin selection so I feel mentally better having it booked, lol. I booked my original cruise using Carnival gift cards so I’m locked into a cruise hopefully
  7. So dissapointed and I didn’t even have a November cruise booked. Unless they are just not going to sail till there is a vaccine I don’t understand punting it for yet another month. Just my opinion but COVID isn’t going away anytime soon. I don’t expect December or January to really be that different. I wish they could establish protocols and at least start back with a few short cruises. And yes I understand the economics of wanting to collect and hold on to as much cash as possible. My business was only shutdown for about 2 full months and took a huge loss during that time. I can only imagine
  8. We are booked on a July 2021 sailing in an Excel aft suite. Booked it in April when our Panorama Cruise was COVID cancelled. I paid for that cruise in gift cards so we were already locked into Carnival. Totally booked it for the room. Didn’t really care where it stopped!
  9. I just assume every port is up in the air right now. Last summer we were on a Cuba cruise that at the last minute got re-routed. This year’s cruise was COVID cancelled. Just hoping to get on a boat and stop somewhere/anywhere in 2021.
  10. Super bummed to read that. He ended up being on vacation for our Vista cruise. Was supposed to be our CD on our cancelled May Panorama cruise. And was going to be our CD on our hopefully sailing Mardi Gras cruise. Sad we weren’t able to experience a sailing with him.
  11. I just got mine this week too! May cruise cancelled by them in April. I was starting to wonder if I was going to have to call. Now just hoping my July 2021 Mardi Gras Cruise happens so I can use them!
  12. 3 - I am booked in an Excel suite and got the following response when I asked about how and when to book the Loft 19 cabanas, "We cannot provide a specific date, at this time, when the cabanas in Loft 19 will be available for pre-bookings. We are currently working on this feature and it should be out later this year. You are more then welcome to reach out to use again in a few months and we may have a more specific time frame". This was in early April when I was still hopeful about going on a cruise at some point, lol.
  13. We are moderate drinkers at home and always get a drink package. I tend to drink slowly but continually throughout the day on vacation and am never drunk. My husband drinks more then me and between the 2 of us we always do better than breaking even. I like being able to try something without thinking about the price and then getting another drink if I don’t like it. I am not usually a cocktail drinker except on vacation. Between alcohol, coffee and bottle water I definitely feel we get our money’s worth.
  14. We had a May cruise that officially cancelled in April. I took FCC which transferred to a new cruise. I had several pre-cruise purchases made with Carnival gift cards and haven’t seen received anything yet. One of my purchases a small balance went on a credit card where the gift card didn’t cover it. I did see a credit for that on my statement but no gift cards. I almost exclusively get nothing but junk mail in my physical mail so hoping it doesn’t come in a completely nondescript envelope that I accidentally throw out!
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