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  1. I know they can be annoying, but it sounds a bit extreme!
  2. I understand that the "room"/"cabin" costs the company the same whether it's for one or 2 people - so I'm ok with that - but what annoys me is : 1 - Paying for the non existent person's food. 2 - The fact that the supposed "bargain" lower supplement cabins actually cost just about as much (or more) than the cheapest twin occupancy cabins, Grr!
  3. Must have been quite cramped in there then!
  4. I'm wanting to know what the forbidden combination was too!
  5. There was a youtube video I saw the other day where a couple had asked for a full refund on their cruise because... wait for it.... "One morning, the toast at breakfast was slightly burnt"....
  6. I hope you got a full refund, and some sort of future cruise credit!! Back on topic,. how right a cruise is for you surely depends on what you want from your holiday - if you like to meticulously plan where you'll be every day, spending 2 or 3 days in each place, you probably won't want a cruise...
  7. Just done the 2 night cruise (tilbury-amsterdam-newcastle) - and there was one formal night, but they didn't seem particularly strict!
  8. I'm never without my nutsac!
  9. ahh = just seen the "lidl" commenrt - thought the 2aqst was some sort of shop!
  10. Is that a "distance" thing, or are there some areas around the terminal which don't allow pedestrians? (looks like it's only about a mile)
  11. I'm not sure whether for my next cruise I should arrive early and put my large "NO GIRLS" table tent on the table, or I may just arrive 10 minutes late and get this guy to introduce me:
  12. if you listen very carefully, 3 seconds in it says "so long, and thanks for all the fish!"
  13. are you the canobiefan from coesterforce then?
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