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  1. So - that's half an hour to clear the airport, collect luggage and get to the cruise port - even if the plane landed right next to the boat that'd be too tight for me!
  2. " arrive at 2pm when the cruise is set to sale at 3pm " Even if i could walk directly from the plane to the boat that would be far too tight!
  3. Sounds a great present! Wanna adopt me? 🙃
  4. Bar list: https://www.cruiseandmaritime.com/images/CMV_2018_BAR_MENU-P1_WHITE2.pdf Wine list https://www.cruiseandmaritime.com/images/cmv_2018_wine_list_generic.pdf
  5. Maybe it just found the seas a bit ruff..
  6. I think it was brussels, but on my last europe jaunt, one of the stations only had travelex atms - not only was it an awful rate, but you could only withdraw it in 500 euro denominations! Accidentally got an awful rate at heathrow, trying to get a few euros - pressed "yes please" instead of "no thanks" adn got a rate of about 0.9...
  7. Isn't there a weight limit on slides?
  8. Make sure you have thick socks for the cold ice...
  9. As long as it's bigger than a fruit and veg bag from a supermarket!!
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