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  1. Bar list: https://www.cruiseandmaritime.com/images/CMV_2018_BAR_MENU-P1_WHITE2.pdf Wine list https://www.cruiseandmaritime.com/images/cmv_2018_wine_list_generic.pdf
  2. Maybe it just found the seas a bit ruff..
  3. I think it was brussels, but on my last europe jaunt, one of the stations only had travelex atms - not only was it an awful rate, but you could only withdraw it in 500 euro denominations! Accidentally got an awful rate at heathrow, trying to get a few euros - pressed "yes please" instead of "no thanks" adn got a rate of about 0.9...
  4. Isn't there a weight limit on slides?
  5. Make sure you have thick socks for the cold ice...
  6. As long as it's bigger than a fruit and veg bag from a supermarket!!
  7. 12 to 14 - must be traveling light!
  8. Don't think so - I won all 3, (plus the 9am, 1pm, 7pm and 11pm ones) - got second in the 9pm one too!
  9. I know they can be annoying, but it sounds a bit extreme!
  10. I understand that the "room"/"cabin" costs the company the same whether it's for one or 2 people - so I'm ok with that - but what annoys me is : 1 - Paying for the non existent person's food. 2 - The fact that the supposed "bargain" lower supplement cabins actually cost just about as much (or more) than the cheapest twin occupancy cabins, Grr!
  11. Must have been quite cramped in there then!
  12. I'm wanting to know what the forbidden combination was too!
  13. There was a youtube video I saw the other day where a couple had asked for a full refund on their cruise because... wait for it.... "One morning, the toast at breakfast was slightly burnt"....
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