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  1. They're somewhere between "Extortionate" and "daylight robbery"....
  2. As well as the twice nightly soul sisters shows - there are also a variety of acts in the atrium area, and the sky lounge (and one or 2 other bars)
  3. On the 24th cruise, there was a note in the daily program for b2bers to register at guest services
  4. Did anyone else find their wifi had been switched off at midnight even though there was still an evening left?
  5. and ome more reasonable complaint. Buffet dinner starts at 7pm, shows at half 7, even if you eat quickly thats a rush!
  6. Braved the chills today to do the slides. Can confirm no masks needed in the park area, also no changing rooms or lockers... And on the subject of petty complaints, my coffee took a while to arrive, was on the verge if getting amnesty international in!
  7. Anyine see this guy who dressed like a parrot on board? Yep, its me!
  8. The website says no need on the sundeck https://www.msccruises.co.uk/cruise-with-confidence
  9. I left my cruise card in the electrics slot, and didnt know where to go!
  10. Sounds tempting enough for a non gf guy...
  11. I think the advice is to wear one if distancing is dificult
  12. DOn't think I fancy eating a plug!
  13. Nice to see a drinks menu - has anyone seen a starship club price list yet?
  14. Don't wear out the waterslides either!
  15. That's the opposite of what I was told in their email..
  16. I did ask - and apparently it's one device for the whole cruise..
  17. Started with an inside cabin midships on deck 10, free upgrade to oceanview on deck 5, then this one!
  18. Just got my confirmation of balcony cabin - deck 11 near the back. Oh - and apparently it's a complimentary upgrade! 😁
  19. I Think I've been successful, my booking details say "guarantee" cabin now. hopefully type:outside doesn't mean i'll be in one of the lifeboats...
  20. Says you can bid on more than one category.. Whilst I'm on - another quick q - it says the price is "per person based on 2 sharing" - so I assume that as a single, if I bid £100, the total will be 200?
  21. Hi, Just got an invite to bid on the "upgrade program" for my virtuosa cruise, and was wondering if if my offere is rejected, do I get a chance to make a higher offer, or is it tough titties after 1 bid? Thanks
  22. Don't get them mixed up, and get ready for a white power party though...
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