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  1. This is great information! Thanks! I am looking at Carnival out of NOLA because they seem the most affordable. However, one of my friends who often goes on cruises says that Carnival is the worse cruise line to travel on. Based on your review, it doesn't seem that bad and seems worth it. Did you or your sailing guest have any negative experiences throughout the duration of the cruise? Problems with any other cruise guest or staff? Also, do you think it is doable to do a private event instead of an actually wedding? I'm thinking of renting out an area for a few hours on a non sailing day instead of paying for the ceremony. We will probably get legally married before and just want to exchange vows in front of our guest and then party it up. Lol Also, did you take pictures in your wedding dress at any of your stops, and not just on the ship? I wonder how feasible it would be to take wedding pics on my non-wedding day.
  2. Are you still thinking about doing this/ did this for your wedding? I am interested in details if you are/did! As plan and budget for a wedding, I'm thinking about this option to save some money but still have a fun wedding on a cruise. Interested in thoughts! Thanks!
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