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  1. Albert Heijn is a major supermarket chain in the Netherlands with lots of locations. We’ve been to Amsterdam numerous times and they were our “go to store” for food & wine, etc. Looking on line they appear to have a store fairly close to the cruise terminal. I recommend you check them out.
  2. From our research & looking at Viking’s website showing deck plans, you will see that those staterooms are located directly above the tenders on deck 3. I have read on various CC posts that some passengers hear the “creaking” of the tenders especially in rough seas. We have been on 4 Viking cruises & have purposely stayed away from staterooms located above tenders.
  3. We have taken 4 Viking cruises & booked 3 for this year. Sadly, 2 have been officially cancelled. Have our fingers crossed for our December cruise. Obviously we are fans of Viking. The pros: small ship, no children, exceptional crew & service, nicely appointed stateroom that includes a veranda, a large variety of dining options, the relaxing Nordic spa experience that is included, and the exceptional guest lecturers. They provide such a wealth of information regarding the history & culture of the various countries. Regarding the included tours, they tend to be either city walking tours or bus tours. We usually take advantage of any walking tours & then do something else on our own. The “class” system has never bothered us. We discovered that once on board it’s easy to change various reservations due to people canceling/shuffling what was booked ahead of time. As mentioned, the major con for us is having to pay so far in advance. Since stateroom location is important to us, we are willing to book far in advance & make our payment to Viking. Something that could be a con for some, but not for us, is that the entertainment is OK but not great. No lavish productions. Basically Viking fits our style of travel & when things return to “normal”, we hope to be booking many more cruises with them.
  4. Would liked to have read the article but must be a WSJ subscriber to do so.
  5. Physically yes, but not sure they will open up 4 staterooms based on something we observed. On last year’s cruise our neighbors did just that between 2 stateroom balconies but within 2 nights the balconies were closed off to each other during the entire rest of the cruise.
  6. My husband and I went on the Valparaiso to Buenos Aires cruise in December and at 70 & 68 respectively, we felt “young”. For many, just getting on and off a bus was an ordeal. I admired these folks for getting out there and seeing the world and a cruise is realistically their best option. I certainly hope that Viking survives this crisis financially since we would like to continue sailing with them well into our 70s & 80s even if we have to pack our walkers😀
  7. I have read various posts that the same itinerary for next year is costing them more. You maybe one of lucky ones getting a better deal. We have three cruises booked for this year and figure that they will get canceled. We have our fingers crossed that if it’s possible to rebook for next year we won’t have to pay more but won’t be surprised if that’s not the case. The cruise industry will need to recoup their losses somehow.
  8. I think you’re asking people to gaze into their crystal balls & try to predict the cruise industry’s future during these very uncertain times. Currently many people are proactively canceling 2020 Viking cruises that still show sailing but I’m guessing will eventually be cancelled. Many are rebooking the same cruise for 2021 at higher rates. If Viking survives this crisis, which I certainly hope so since we have future cruises booked, I don’t think you’re going to see any deals unless people are so afraid to cruise they can’t fill their ships. Obviously I’m no expert on the future of cruising but I’m optimistic that cruising will be back to “normal” by 2021.
  9. We have 3 cruises booked for this year that also include plane and hotel reservations. We have already paid for trip insurance and it’s non refundable, no exceptions. Everyone’s travel plans have been dealt a harsh blow due to COVID-19. We have decided to cancel all 2020 travel plans and not everything is refundable. Most companies are trying their best but there will always be exceptions. By the time the dust settles and we have cancelled all plans for 2020 we recognize that our bank account will take a hit. I am grateful that I’m currently writing this from the comfort of my home. There are many people right now stranded far from home trying to get home to be with their loved ones. These are extraordinary times we live in right now. I know you are disappointed with the Sydney Harbor Bridge folks but try to put it in perspective. People are dying and families are separated.
  10. Interesting about masks since medical professionals have been advising against them. Say they do more harm than good. Moist environment becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.
  11. Having docked at Amsterdam’s cruise passenger terminal last year, I know the city center is in walking distance. Therefore, I’m guessing taxis must be plentiful at the terminal.
  12. Viking provides free laundry facilities which includes soap. The laundry room can get crowded so plan accordingly. Unless you are particular, your bathroom will be supplied with shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and body lotion. Something we have enjoyed is the free spa facility so pack your swimsuit. A locker is provided that has slippers, a terry robe, and large towel. You can relax in the warm jetted pool or hot tub along with a steam sauna & ice room. All very Nordic inspired. As far as dress code for the various dining options, go to Vikings website and look under FAQ. It spells out their dress code for their dining venues. Even in their nicest dining rooms, The Restaurant, The Chef's Table, and Manfredi's, men do not need a sport coat. Hope this helps.
  13. We spent a number of days in Santiago prior to our cruise in December. We did use the subway during the day time hours only & felt safe. We were advised to maintain tight possession of purses, wallets, backpacks, etc. but this would be true in any major city. Tourists can be easy targets. During one of our rides, a very nice local women cautioned my husband when he was looking at his cell phone to put it away. Too easy to grab & run. Things may have changed, but while we were there, a number of stations had been damaged during the current political unrest and therefore closed. I would advise you to check the status of stations you plan on using. Hopefully staff at your hotel can help you with those questions.
  14. Aside from the felt tote bag provided in certain stateroom categories, a canvas laundry bag is provided which does come in handy.
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