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  1. We have done 3 VO cruises with a 4th one on the horizon in December. Surprised to read that you found the lectures boring. For the most part our experience has been just the opposite although I will comment that some lecturers were better than others. Be sure to provide your feedback to Viking because they do take it seriously and the good lecturers are invited back.
  2. We frequent the WC because of the wide selection of food. If the smell is an issue for you, get your food and dine al fresco.
  3. FYI, if still not sure about the SSP, you can wait until the day you board the ship, and that day only, to make your final decision. Talk to one of the bartenders. I believe they can get you signed up.
  4. We had a very similar situation. Our VO cruise was Barcelona to Copenhagen this past May. We learned that we would NOT be overnighting in Barcelona but instead would depart at 11pm and sail to the small port town of Tarragona just south of Barcelona. Fortunately for us we had already spent 3 nights in Barcelona prior to boarding. We had no idea what to expect in Tarragona but we were pleasantly surprised. It was a charming, small town with a rich Roman history and ruins to explore. Travel is an adventure and the unexpected can often happen. Wishing you a good experience in Palamos. Pam
  5. Not sure what you mean by “bad clothing” but I do have an upcoming VO cruise that will most likely experience rainy/wet weather. I bought inexpensive good old fashioned rubber goulashes that will fit over my walking shoes.
  6. I’m guessing it’s allowed but based on rooms I have been in (DVs & PVs) the only door it could logically hang on would be the outside of the bathroom door. That might be an awkward place. We have had no lack of space to store shoes. I like the nightstand shelf for several pairs. The closet floor and closet top shelf could also be used & for shoes worn infrequently, there is always right under the bed. I have learned to travel light & only bring 4 pairs (My New Balance walking shoes I wear on the plane & pack 3.) plus flip flops. My husband takes 2 pair & flips.
  7. As posted by Heidi13, my husband & I change in our stateroom. He’ll wear his swim trunks & t-shirt. I wear a lightweight swimsuit coverup that I packed but I certainly have seen passengers use the terry robes provided in the room. Ample beach towels are provided at the pools. Just stick to the hallways, stairs, & elevators when going to the pool & you’ll be fine. The Pool Grill is a nice place to dine al fresco for lunch and stay comfortable in your pool attire.
  8. I also travel with a number of prescriptions and yes the containers can be bulky and take up precious space. I have traveled extensively all over the world, including Australia and New Zealand, and never once have I been asked to produce them for inspection. That being said, I do keep them in their original containers just in case. If any of your prescriptions come in more than one bottle (i.e. a 90 day supply in 3 bottles) try to consolidate just what you need for the trip into one bottle if possible. I have found most bottles are never completely full. Also, I keep a sheet detailing my prescriptions as a handy reference just in case of a medical emergency. Regarding shoes, that’s a new one for me.
  9. I would be hesitant to keep fresh milk in the stateroom frig. We found it didn’t keep our beverages as cold as a regular refrigerator.
  10. I echo what ropomo stated. We tipped with US dollars or Euros depending on country but dollars seem to be widely accepted. Be sure to carry small bills, $5s, $10s, & $1s for tips. If on a bus tour we not only tipped the guide but also the driver.
  11. We took the West Coast Tours 2 Island tour, Iona and Mull, and thoroughly enjoyed it. We considered the longer tour which included Staffa but decided that 8 hours might be enough for us “seniors” and price was also a consideration.
  12. Have also done 3 VO cruises & have been told OBC is a “use it or lose it”. But these credits have been given to us by our TA so maybe makes a difference. These credits can also be put towards gratuities, purchases in the shops or spa services.
  13. You won’t find a magnified mirror. There is however a makeup mirror built into the desktop. Just flip it up. Underneath is also storage space for small items. Go to Viking’s website and you can see it pictured in a Penthouse Veranda stateroom with a woman sitting at the desk and using it. If I remember correctly it lights up but is not magnified.
  14. I love sparkling wine but my husband only drinks it on occasion. I always travel with a champagne bottle stopper. There are a number of brands out there. It works great & my wine is just as bubbly the next day. FYI, I found the mini bar refrigerator cool but not terribly cold. Either ask your stateroom attendant for ice or take your ice bucket to the World Cafe and use the ice machine there. That is what I typically did.
  15. When you make a reservation it is for a specific time. Keep in mind that passengers in PVs & PSs can make their reservations earlier therefore you may not get your first choice.
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