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  1. Great advice on here although of course we have different opinions, too! Mine is that NCL excursions are expensive and not worth it. You can get way better excursions for less money elsewhere. I know the peace of mind about being left behind if your tour runs late but if you’re careful about planning I don’t think that’s a problem with private companies who stay in business with satisfied customers. Related to the same topic—don’t feel like you have to be off the ship all day at a port unless you really want to. Sometimes it’s nice to not even have an organized excursion and just
  2. I’m using a TA for the first time with my next cruise. I booked it with the cruise line directly (as I did last time). Transferred the booking to a TA because I thought it might be better to have someone to help if I had any issues. TA didn’t get me a lower cost (which was muuuuch lower than current cost, thank god) and a couple of their offers didn’t apply to me as a solo traveler, but I did get some other perks like a decent amount of OBC so no harm no foul really.
  3. This is a great itinerary and I loved the ship. I planned/booked every excursion separate from NCL for much less money. I’d been to some of the places already so I was probably more relaxed about some of the excursions/ports. If you prefer guided tours/excursions it might take more prep. I used a couple of sites/apps (but I don’t know if we can name them?) Having said that, I enjoyed my time on the ship just as much (if not more) than the ports! Agree with all the advice about not being able to see everything. Don’t feel like you have to spend the entire day at the ports... it can ge
  4. I did this one in late Oct/early Nov last year and loved it. I got on at Civitavecchia because I was spending some extra time in Rome before & after the cruise. Embarkation was pretty quick and easy because the majority of people get on in Barcelona. The only thing I don’t really like about this itinerary is the overlapping cruises. I made some great friends and then had to say goodbye to some of them in Barcelona!
  5. I put down CN deposits for a cruise in October with the 30% promo + 20% Latitude promo and the price has already gone up since... last week? I wasn’t tracking this cruise pre-Black Friday though because it wasn’t on my radar so I have no idea how much the price has increased since the “sales.” I get nervous about studios selling out though so I reserved my studio even though I’m probably being ripped off. I did this through a PCC this time and she said if the price drops before final payment they’ll honor the discount but who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ll move my CN certificates to another cruise if I want
  6. I was on the Epic in November and I don’t understand the negative reviews either. Fortunately I take bad reviews with a grain of salt unless it’s something legitimate (like accessibility, safety issues, etc.) I was in a studio though so I don’t know what the complaints are about the layouts for other cabins.
  7. I'm watching an October cruise in Europe for a solo cabin. Even w/ the 30% off + past guest offer, it's still really high, but I can't remember how much it cost in Nov/Dec for a comparison. I don't want to lose an opportunity to book a solo cabin, but last time I booked a solo cruise (in January last year during wave season), I found out a lot of other solo travelers got much better deals than I did. Having said that, price of flying to Europe rises closer to cruise date and that can sometimes cancel out any savings on last minute bookings.
  8. That was the same on my cruise on the Epic. Any solo cruiser can come to the Lounge even if you’re staying in a different cabin. But someone else would need to let you in since your keycard won’t have access.
  9. I just did my first cruise in a solo cabin a couple of months ago. The first night, I hung out in the Lounge when the bar opened & there were quite a few others lounging about. Our solo “host” took a group of us to dinner. That’s how I made friends with other solo cruisers & we ended up meeting in the Lounge every night and making dinner + evening plans! Prior to my cruise I’d seen people comment that the Lounge was pretty empty but there was always a decent group around dinnertime. Maybe I lucked out but would encourage you to meet some of the other solo cruisers for dinne
  10. Thanks for the replies! I’ll keep an eye out.
  11. Are there any kind of LGBTQIA/queer-friendly meetups on the Epic? This will be my first cruise (Western Mediterranean leaving Civitavecchia on 10/30) and I haven’t seen anything about this specifically, although I read that these might be called Friends of Dorothy on cruises. I’d love to meet other cruisers from the LGBTQIA community on the ship 😊
  12. Hi all, I’m going on my first cruise in October on the Epic. I searched the forum for more information about toiletries available onboard and most of the answers were about amenities in cabins, so I know to expect some basic shower amenities. (I’m in a solo cabin.) Obviously I’m planning to pack toiletries for my cruise, but I’ll also be on vacation prior to the cruise, so on the off chance I run out of something basic like toothpaste and I don’t grab any at a store while at a port, is that available to be purchased in a shop on the ship? Probably an obvious question
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