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  1. I have been wondering if CMV have solved these obvious problems yet.
  2. Our problem wasn't weather conditions. Somebody didn't know the length of the runways! Quite a different problem I would have thought.
  3. My advice to everyone is that you never book a cruise with this bunch of chancers. You will not enjoy your cruise. They will change the itinerary. Just simply don't waste your money.
  4. I couldn't agree more! When we booked our cruise, we booked to include Belize - did we go to Belize? No, When we booked our cruise we booked to include Nicaragua - did we go to Nicaragua? No. They gave us an extra day in Cozumel, and an extra day in Costa Rica instead. C&M just make it all up as they go along.
  5. Well it is looking likely that this whole thing is going to be "brushed under the carpet". Complete failure from CMV. No compensation offered. Virgin airlines blame CMV. Well if I was looking to book a good cruise - I wouldn't touch CMV with a very long barge pole. Simply because they cannot do it. They do not even know runway lengths for the air flight connections. Do you like hot food on cold plates? Do you like cold deserts on hot plates? Do you like warm "chilled water"? I would bet that you would rush to the restaurant for "pan fried snapper",
  6. I do not find this at all surprising.
  7. I really cannot understand how CMV managed to underestimate the length of a runway TWICE, on a single cruise. They got it wrong at Cozumel - causing Belize to be deleted from the cruise, and then AGAIN at San Jose. CMV really are amateurs when it comes to planning a cruise. They are in no way amateurs when it comes to charging the customers though.
  8. Well it seems that this one is taking a death. CMV and Virgin just "look the other way" and pretend that it never happened.
  9. We left Megellan on 22nd January 2019. I am only just getting rid of that cough and sore throat. I am a very fit person. Not overweight at all. Whatever that bug was - it was a very strong one. That ship really does have some major problems.
  10. CMV do not listen to complaints.
  11. I have no idea about "upper class", but there might have been some food that would have been handed out. A small amount, and when it was gone it was gone. We were in "Premium Economy" and we didn't have anything other than the cereal bar, and the nuts.
  12. You may well have the answer there Biggles .... the only problem being that I didn't understand it all .... Can you expand a bit?
  13. I wonder what would happen if you asked Cruise & Maritime for a certificate stating that they are fit and able to sell Cruises?
  14. Well it seems to be taking the credit card people a fair old while to reach their decision. I don't know what can be taking them so long. Cruise & Maritime sold a cruise that involved two airports. Both of those airports had runways too short for the number of passengers/planes involved. Someone hadn't done their homework. Problems (to understate the matter) had to occur, and they did - at both airports (should we be surprised?) This is a time for Cruise & Maritime to show their class and excellence. But they don't - because they don't have any of those qualities. They
  15. Not wishing to build up people's hopes but - a reversal of the flight upgrade charge is being considered by the credit card people. They have asked for more details. One thing is for sure. I will never travel again with C&M. We met so many people saying the same thing whilst on the cruise! The main theatre always had seats "roped off" because of water leaking through the roof. Industrial air blowers drying things out. Outside the lifts, the same thing happening. The ship leaks. I will never forget that night in the theatre when the "band" had a free night
  16. Cruise Madam. We had joined the cruise in London and were going on through the Panama canal. We saw some of our new friends that we had made departing the cruise at Cosumel. They had spent two hours (at least) standing in the sun, no awnings, waiting to board a small ferry (with all of their luggage). This is effectively Mexico (it is hot). In fact we had been out on an excursion that morning, and returned to the ship to see our friends in that queue. For the age of some of those passengers, I would go so far as to say, that this could be a life threatening situation.
  17. This whole flight verges on the unbelievable. When we eventually landed at Gatwick - the captain came across the address system with "Wow what a flight!" he then goes on to thank his cabin crew for going "above and beyond" the usual call of duty! Why was that? There were no meals to serve. Minimal water. They had nothing to do? I think that he really expected a huge round of applause for his cabin crew. That did not happen. Stoney silence ....... He had obviously forgotten the amount of times in Montego Bay that he stated that the whole s
  18. We also still have the unanswered question about those thousands of people standing outside the airport to watch the plane take off - hundreds of them standing on car roofs to get the best view. Plane spotters? Possible but unlikely I would think. Costa Rica is a fairly poor country. Thousands of people abandoning their jobs and self employment to see a Virgin 747 take off.? And then of course Colombia closes their airspace to OUR flight. Colombia didn't close it's airspace as the captain of our plane told us. The second flight from this cruise flew through Colombi
  19. Mmm seems that I have been "timed out" to add an edit to my last post. Those words "timed out" were used a number of times by the captain of the plane. Having "dropped down" into Montego Bay for fuel (because the plane didn't have enough fuel to make it to Barbados) - he is stating that if we sit there on the runway waiting for "catering", the crew will be "timed out". This whole thing is about costing Virgin money. The passengers that have parted with their money (including some passengers that have parted with a lot more money, for upgrades) for the flight, are not
  20. Thank you fieldwest. It had also occurred to me that Small Claims would be an action that we could (and will) take eventually. As you state, the representatives of the "big boys" would have to attend at our court (not their court) - that would be something of an inconvenience I am sure. Also how on earth are they going to defend the indefensible? It actually surprises me that the existence of this thread alone should be causing them to act in a proper and reasonable manner. We see many positive C&M threads on this MB - but ultimately there is this massive problem that they
  21. Virgin Atlantic accepted a deal to fly home the passengers on our cruise. It now appears that to do that, they had to use minimal amounts of fuel, and no "catering". The reason being that the runway was too short. The weight of the aircraft was critical. When Colombia refused permission for our flight to enter their airspace, Virgin now have a problem. A huge problem. They have to fly to Montego Bay to "drop down", I am using the language of the captain of the plane - for fuel. "Drop down" were the exact words that he used. Why should the paying passeng
  22. Elsie, you have struck a few chords with us. We are both essentially "outdoor" people. We walk. We hike. We camp - even! We have seen the world by foot alone. I must say that if anyone is fit and able, by foot, is the best way to see any country, and the world at large. I have had a problem with one of my legs, which brought us to this point of taking a cruise. Like you, we have invested a lot of money on that trip. There were many things that could be complained about - but also things that were excellent. That trip home though was a total disgrace to
  23. If you can possibly change your cruise from C&M, my advice would be that you do it. Losing a few hundred pounds would be a minor problem.
  24. The bit that I am finding really hard to get my head round - is that when you upgrade your flight you have more choices. You have a menu. At a cost - in our case c£800. But when the ***** hits the fan, and no food at all is provided - it turns out that our £800 was "paying" for something that was "complimentary" anyway. The food that we didn't get between San Jose and Gatwick was "complimentary". I will repeat again that from stepping inside the Departure Lounge at San Jose, and arriving at Gatwick was 15 hours. Just a bag of crisps, and a cereal bar. Limited water.
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