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  1. False equivalence...The Scarlet Letter is not a historical treatise, but rather a work of historical fiction or some call it Didactic fiction. You can't possibly understand my perspective given the few interactions we have had on a cruising forum. I take your comment for what it is, trolling.
  2. If you were taught to fear the letter in the Scarlet Letter, then I think you were sold short. Of all the themes and morals to be taught in Hawthorne's novel, fear of the letter is not one. In fact, it's quite the opposite.
  3. There are no stupid questions. No problem making a January Sailing, if NCL sticks with the current schedule.
  4. They should issue a modern day 'Scarlet Letters", like color coded wrist bands. A nice red (scarlet, if you will) for the unvaccinated. Blue for the vaccinated. If folks are outside of their cabin, they have to have their wrist band on. I realize this would never fly, but....
  5. We have experienced that exact situation. Luckily, it was our very good friends who chose not pony up for the Haven (They were Princess Cruisers). Having explained to them the benefits I did not feel bad when we spent time in the Haven Proper, or used other Haven perks. We had them to our suite for drinks...and by day 2, they were sold. We now have 3 cruises booked (including the Prima)....and we are all in the Haven. In our case, we were close enough that I could let the Haven sell itself....and frankly I enjoyed it (particularly when I sent pics of the Haven bartender making
  6. You can apply that logic to the price of the cruise as well. In the end, its just a matter of budget.
  7. If your willing to spend a few extra bucks, check out the Haven on the Epic. The Haven bathrooms are the traditional variety. Plus they just did a major refurb in the Haven and it looks really good.
  8. I am really not interested in continuing this conversation...I've stated my opinion and you have also. There is no common ground, so no need to continue. I wish you happy sailings.
  9. If someone tests positive, I am quite certain NCL will conduct a PCR test to verify. The last thing they want is false positive onboard. I am vaccinated, if I tested positive with an antigen test, I would demand a PCR to verify. if someone is kicked off or has to quarantine due to a false positive, the cruise line would liable...I don't think they would go down that road. I would bet Celebrity used a PCR test to verify their positive cases. Your argument is spurious at best
  10. Who said anything about turning back? The cruise lines just don't want a positive on board. If it happens 1hr after disembarkation, they are ok with it. Either way, who cares? Its all about mitigation. If everyone is vaccinated its less likely an event will occur, and if one does, the protocols will be the far less invasive.
  11. It was normal for most people...some had to quarantine...for a full night. What the problem with testing? Its a reasonable request and I really don't understand why anyone would be anti-testing.
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