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  1. Pfizer is shooting for an emergency authorization (5-12yrs) for fall (September/October), if the science supports it. https://www.webmd.com/vaccines/covid-19-vaccine/news/20210702/pfizer-seeking-vaccination-approval-for-ages-5-to-11-years-old-by-fall
  2. We are booked to sail out of Miami in January as well. The news from Florida is disconcerting....20% of all new COVID cases nationally are in Florida. If that trends, we can expect a significant impact on future cruises from Florida. We finalize payment in September, so we have a couple of months. We'll make a decision before final payment.
  3. I booked the Prima in February 2023 on the NCL website.
  4. Agreed. I feel more at home on NCL. Yellowstone Co. guy here.
  5. To piggy back off Gary.....You can reserve specialty dinning 130 days out from departure (Haven guests.) I believe all other guests can reserve at the 120 day mark. I also think all available times are offered to the Haven guests. Not sure that is true for everyone else at 120 days. I book my cruise online through NCL...and that is where I make my reservations for specialty dinning. Its really easy and I always get my restaurant and time. Just don't wait to that 120 day cuz the whole ship will be trying to get those slots. Not sure how it works if you use a TA.
  6. I don't see "dire straits" in those numbers. 2nd QTR call might offer more clarity, but I don't think its happened yet.
  7. NCL wouldn't be discriminating based on age, they would be discriminating based on vaccine status. I don't think vaccine status is a protected class.
  8. Wow...thats crazy. I am booked on the Prima, Feb 2023, in the Haven. Your price is more than I paid for the H2 for 5 people for 7 days. So glad I did it on the day bookings opened up. The cabin class is sold out, so have no idea how much it would be now, but substantially more I would guess.
  9. Of course they are bleeding cash, but as of last June they had enough cash on hand to run 12-14 months without needing a dime. As evidenced by these boards, plenty of people are booking cruises and have been this year. What evidence do you have they will be in dire straits come September? Let's forego opinion. If you have something published, I'd love to see it.
  10. There is no correlation between the survey stats and 100% vaccinated cruising. The survey is being used to illustrate that NCL is not arbitrarily setting a standard. They are following their customers wishes.
  11. In their complaint, page 11 "A recent survey of more than 5,000 readers of Cruise Critic found that 80% of respondents preferred to sail on a ship with a vaccine requirement, and the industry is dealing with significant uncertainty as the summer sailing season proceeds."
  12. I was just in Venice last week. I visit Venice 1-2 times a year but had not been since the COVID lock down. I was blown away by how few tourists (Comparatively speaking) there were in town, and it was glorious. Also the water was clearer than I had ever seen it before. The city felt refreshed after it's long hiatus from the teeming crowds. Except for the oppressive humidity, it was a perfect visit. Venice is one of the few cities I visit repeatedly in Europe.
  13. No way, and I have been in that position before. BTW, the bar, restaurant and pool area being 1/2 full is one of the reasons I shell out for the Haven. Not interested in fighting for a lounger at the pool or standing at the end of the bar for 15min waiting for a drink.
  14. "86. A recent survey of more than 5,000 readers of Cruise Critic found that 80% of respondents preferred to sail on a ship with a vaccine requirement, and the industry is dealing with significant uncertainty as the summer sailing season proceeds" The Cruise Critic Community is having an impact.
  15. Business does not care about heated and ugly nor does it care about politics. It cares about profits, and NCL has determined 100% vaccinated cruises are the best thing for their bottom line. So they persist.
  16. While I was curious about the promo code, I have also noticed other cabin types dropping in price for my cruise and was wondering if my cabin type also was dropping, but guess if its sold out there is no way to know.
  17. If the cabin type is sold out, how is one able to know the current price? This is an area that I have no experience in.
  18. I tried to do the same thing for my Jan 2022 cruise, but was denied. My cabin type is sold out and I guess they need to see a price in order to add the promo code. Something to remember for future promo codes.
  19. I believe the Latitudes 3x (1/day for booking and 2/day for latitudes) points code is "LATBDLX"
  20. Thank you for that information. I am in Germany and can't seem to get the chat feature going (maybe its a time thing) on NCL. Perhaps I will give it a try later tonight and see whats what. I can't tell you how good it feels is to have someone recognize the reference on these boards. Knowing someone who has been on the bus might be sailing along side is most comforting. You never know. I'll be arriving and you'll be departing...we could easily meet up "Way down down, down by the docks of the city..." Peace and Happy sailings to you and yours....
  21. Hey bkrickles 1, I am on the 22 Jan 2022 Joy sailing. Is that perchance the same as you? I'd love to be at 60% capacity.
  22. I just returned from Venice last night. The NCL website lists the "Crowne Plaza Hotel, Quarto D'altino Italy" as their hotel. https://www.ncl.com/cruise-destinations/mediterranean-cruises#!#hotels Not sure if that will stick post COVID. A quick 'chat' on the NCL website should confirm. The Crown Plaza is on the mainland and IMO is rather far from Venice. If you or someone in your party has mobility/balance issues than this might be the hotel for you as you won't have to navigate any bridges and/or rocking boats. NCL can bus you right to the pier from the Crown Plaza.
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