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  1. do you think that the havana area was worth it? Im trying to decide if its worth moving around our whole booking for it. I generally avoid the chaos of the lido deck pool area so a less crowded area seems nice but not a deal breaker for us
  2. oh wow, only 4 rooms on the whole ship! thats so disappointing. Thanks!
  3. Howdy everyone I'm going to be cruising on the Panorama in November with 2 other adults. This is my first time cruising with Carnival and I'm really interested in booking a Havana cabin, but it looks like our only option is either an interior (no thanks) or suite (prohibitively expensive). I tried calling Carnival but couldn't really get a straight answer on whether or not there are any 3 person occupancy balcony rooms, but I did get put on some kind of notification list if one becomes available (?). Right now we're booked in an ocean suite which still looks really nice, I'm sure it will be great. Anyone else ever run into this?
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