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  1. Well, so much for that prediction, the next scheduled cruise for QE is out of Melbourne, in November, and I wouldn’t put money on that happening either. Oh well, we have a year and a half to decide where to spend our FCC, we paid for it almost 4 years ago as an on board furture cruise deposit, letting them hang on to the money won’t hurt us.
  2. They’d miss the boat waiting in the in and out line. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. My take: On Sept 8th? Still in/near Manila Bay Sept. 28th, the new cruise terminal in Tokyo. The twenty days before that, crewing up, more cleaning, and I bet having the full on board for two weeks to be sure none of the crew are ill. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Mariner in Oakland I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything that it’s parked next to a scrap yard. 😉
  5. Found this on CrackBook earlier today. I think the Captain is getting bored.
  6. Before the days of product placement, Queen Anne, was used as a pseudonym for Queen Mary in several films.
  7. I was in the Irish linen shop on Government in Victoria B.C., on hearing the price, the customer in from of asks, in a Rude voice, “is that Canadian or real money?” The clerk replied Canadian, the woman paid in USD, getting CAD back. I told the clerk she should have US. The woman was the perfect ugly American Tourist
  8. So you’re giving your TA a 3 month interest free loan? How big is the company?
  9. It looks like Cunard has reopened bookings for QE Alaska cruises, starting June 2nd, out of Vancouver. Considering the Canadian port closure that does not make sense.
  10. The next QE cruise available to book is from Vancouver, deadheading half way around the world and back, doesn’t make much sense.
  11. It should work, I’ve not tested it. however I’ve found medallionNet to be squiffy especially when it’s raining, at least for off ship communication, which I believe walkie talkie needs.
  12. Second attempt success! 1) send yourself iMessages with http://login.com and http://logout.com 2) On watch goto Settings > WiFi. Choose medallionNet 3) turn off WiFi on phone 4) on watch, goto messages an click the login.com link 5) login on watch, follow instructions. this will only work if you have an unused medallionNet connection available. use the logout.com link to remove the watch or phone from medallionNet hope this helps Update, there may be issues switching back and forth between being connected directly and vi
  13. Just experimented with it. no, turned WiFi off on phone, watch can’t connect turn WiFi on phone back on, watch connects tried http://login.com, no success.
  14. MedallionNet is much better at the moment, here’s yesterday’s pic of Xpedition.
  15. This morning (11/28) Xpedition is in transit, northbound, being moved by tugs, fore and aft. Pictures later, Satellite networking is squiffy in the rain.
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