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  1. Just think of all the stories we can share. I know Carolyn & I are looking forward to this. I would not be surprised if Mr. Hagen has some surprises for us, in light of the way Viking has treated us! Hmmm, do you think the northern lights will be visible by making a special showing? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
  2. We were almost directly across from the laundry room on the Viking Sky for the infamous Northern Lights Cruise. We had no issues whatsoever with noise, or people congregating there. I would stay in that room again, as it was centrally located, quiet, and comfortable. JohnEB2
  3. Sorry, I misspelled Haworth's name....Apologies. Also a couple of other tips....learn to use manual focus, and remove any filters you have on your camera lense. Enjoy, JohnEB2
  4. Hayworth, nice pictures and great advice. The key to photographing the auroras if they are out is using a tripod, and knowing what shutter speed, aperture and ISO to use. On tours, and even ship seminars they will give you general ideas. I got the best pictures outside Narvik. You also need patience!! On one excursion, we were out looking for an hour and 40 minutes before they appeared. Even then they did not last long. It is a great experience once you see them. Good luck. Attached are two of my pictures. JohnEB2
  5. Haworth, I agree it is a very nice trip when you see the northern lights. Here are two of my pictures. Unfortunate that it ended the way it did, but it still was a very enjoyable trip....well maybe not the helicopter ride! Johneb2
  6. I would love to see it also, but apparently it is limited to viewing in the UK only. JohnEB2
  7. While I am not on the Jupiter, my wife and I were on the Viking Sky Northern lights cruise with the unfortunate incident. I will say that Viking was extremely fair to us in light of what happened. We received a refund for ALL expenses for that cruise (including excursions and on board purchases), a voucher for a future cruise, as well an all expense paid invite for the maiden voyage of their new ship the Venus in 2021. We also received several post communications from Mr. Hagen, along with a bouquet of flowers. During our actual experience, we were looked after from start to finish both physically, financially, and "needs-wise", as well as constantly being updated on the situation. While I know some will debate on whether or not that situation could be prevented, we can tell you first hand that the way Viking, the crew, the first responders (helicopter & ground services), and the people of Molde & Norway handled that situation was first rate & fantastic. We have full confidence in Viking, and will continue to sail with them. We have sailed 6 river cruises, 2 ocean cruises, and have 2 more river cruises booked with them. We are in no way affiliated with them, and receive nothing for this post. Simply, my wife and I love travelling. We realize that there are times things can happen, and what we feel is the mark of a good company is how they handle those unfortunate situations, and look to prevent future repeat situations of them. In our viewpoint Viking has done extremely well in that aspect. You wanted to hear another viewpoint "J", so I though it would be appropriate to respond. Johneb2
  8. Thank her again. My wife really enjoyed that! We have now returned to everyday life, but still keep getting asked about our adventure on that trip! Hope everyone else is well and recovered by now. I know there is some debate about some things about the trip, but I think we can all agree upon...it is a cruise we will never forget!!
  9. Even though we were not in the theater, I can tell you people were very supportive of each other, and helpful to each other. Our muster station was in the restaurant, and was moved to the atrium when the door/window broke when the wave of water came in. There was concern but no chaos. Again, as stated numerous times, the crew kept us safe as possible and ensured everything was orderly. They were fantastic.
  10. Yes now I remember! Hopefully we will see you on the 2021 Venus cruise. Carolyn & I have two more Viking cruises booked (river cruises to Mekong Delta & Porto, Portugal.
  11. Here is the link. John https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=653925
  12. According to what Mr Hagen said at our meeting that all medical expenses would be taken care of. I agree this has cost them a tidy sum but the handling of the situation has won over many passengers. I think of the way other cruise lines have handled their emergency situations, even if not as critical; it pales to the way Viking has handled this. I know some people would say insurance may cover it, but the way they took ownership of handling it, sparing no expense or support is something that can’t be overlooked.
  13. Hi neighbor. Not sure if you were the ones who alerted my wife about the northern lights. She was thrilled when she got the call!
  14. I would suggest sending an email to the dedicated email address we were given by the chairman at the meeting, as well as on the video email from him. I know I have sent two emails to him, which were responded to, as well as receiving a phone call from them with clarification info on my request. I am sure they will be honest and let you know if they have any info. It is possible the people injured may not want that info released though. All in all, as has been stated a number of times, Viking has handled this situation and follow-up excellently. As I said to Chairman Hagen in our meeting, I was in a service related business before retiring. The mark of a good company is how it handles adversity and problems. It my opinion, Viking has excelled in handling this!
  15. Here are pictures of the plugs type. Hope it helps
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