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  1. Actually it is not that unusual. When Viking offers air fares is usually based upon a lockdown purchase price of a given amount of seats. When those seats are all purchased, they have to secure additional ones which could easily mean a change in price as you have noted. Your airfare price is usually not finalized until you have paid the trip in full.
  2. We always fill out the survey, and found they DO pay attention to them. We had one excursion that was quite unfavorable, and we let them know about it on the survey. Before the cruise was even over, we had received an onboard ship credit as well as a bottle of champagne. Even the positive review surveys were acknowledged at times. I know some will say you can do better by utilizing private companies for some excursions, but we have generally found Viking excursions to be very good. Over the years, we have decided to stick with them, as it was a lot easier. Our feeling is to utilize private excursions for only those experiences not offered by Viking. JohnEB
  3. Curler Rob, nice pictures! One other thing if they do it, is when you are on the boat and if it is clear, they shut off all the top lights so you can see the constellations in the sky. It is an odd experience because they are aligned completely different to what we are used to. If you are planning to get a sunset picture, be prepared. Unlike the longer sunsets we are used to in the northern latitudes the sun sets in a matter of a few minutes on the equator. As shown by the pictures of Curler Rob, and myself (earlier in thread), you will have a opportunity for great pictures and experiences alike. Although we didn't take a Viking Cruise (they did not offer it back then), we found the food was different, but very good. Also when in the Galapagos, remember the animals are naive, not domesticated. Give them their distance if necessary! JohnEB2
  4. We also did it in April, and the weather was nice. Similar to Dauntless, we had very little rain. The rain (twice) actually occurred overnight while we were in transit. We only needed a light jacket for the morning & sun screen for the afternoon. JohnEB2
  5. Ours is a little different...We can't single out one individual but the whole crew! During last year's Viking Sky evacuation situation, they all stepped up helping us, cheering us up, looking after us. Professional in every way as they labored through a 36 hour day. Enough nice things can't be said about them!! Johneb
  6. The last time I saw the Viking Sky that close to shore was last March, when we were being evacuated off Norway due to engine failure during a gale!
  7. Should be interesting to see what happens to the Chairman's 1/19/21 sailing Maybe we should pack hammers, saws and other tools 🙂 Only kidding of course, I have utmost confidence they have time built into the building schedule for delays. However if this situation drags on until summertime, all bets might be off. I am sure we will be updated if there is a delay. Johneb
  8. Carolyn & I were on the 2nd level muster station. Once the incident happened, the captain was keeping us accurately informed approximately every 20 minutes about our status and the ongoing rescue efforts, as well as the evacuation status. We were evacuated about 5am on Sunday morning. Before the incident, I only recall two or three announcements being made about the impending weather situation. Our review of the captain is based upon how he handled the situation, communication, and advising the crew procedures once the incident happened. We still feel he, as well as the crew were fantastic, given the situation. We honestly can't judge his actions before that as we feel we are not qualified, and most likely don't know all the facts that went into his decisions. While reading reports on it, I am sure it does not reflect everything that was going on. Most importantly though, is nobody lost their lives, some injuries yes. We believe that positive result was a result of his post incident actions. Also to note, the captain did explain the delay with the helicopter evacuation, explaining that one helicopter had to be diverted to assist a tanker which had suffered engine failure, hitting the rocks, as well as the high winds which were hampering efforts. (Note: The tanker had arrived on the scene to assist us when their engine failure happened.) He did further update us then we had the full compliment of 3 helicopters. Johneb
  9. Does anyone know what became of our captain? He was fantastic, as was everyone involved. Never heard any further mention of him later on.
  10. I noticed a mention of the airline flights hours. Just for information our guide who actually lived here in the US but whose wife was from Peru explained that flights are limited to certain hours because of weather and strong winds in the mountains during most daytime hours. I know that was 7 years ago, but I doubt that aspect has changed.
  11. We have had many great experiences with Viking cruises over the years. They are easily our favorite cruise line. Our memorable experience is a little unique. Last March 23rd, we were on the Viking Sky - In Search of the Northern Lights Cruise, when we had to be evacuated by helicopter due to the ship losing power during a gale. Scary but handled great by Viking in every way. While many people have heard about this episode, very few realize it happened near the end of our cruise. There were many great and beautiful sights along the cruise, and Norway is breathtaking. Attached you will find three of many pictures I captured on the trip. Great topic by the way!! Johneb2
  12. Here are some more pictures from our 2013 trip. Included you will see a picture of our ship, along with a zodiac disembarking. Again, we thought it was a trip of a lifetime. If you have any questions on the pictures, let me know. Enjoy, Johneb2
  13. Here are some of the pictures I took on our trip in May of 2013, and the weather was perfect. We found a trip of a lifetime. Hope you enjoy it!
  14. One other thing I thought of,,,, In Ecuador, their currency is the US Dollar. Remember the infamous Susan B. Anthony dollar coins that we seemed to dislike, well they have found a home in Ecuador! Johneb2
  15. When we took our trip years ago, here were some of the guidelines we were given: You can bring plastic medicine containers (original prescriptions) with you onboard the ship. They may not be taken to the islands when going onshore, except if it is a mandatory short time frame you are required to take it. (Example: every two hours) You are permitted to take a water bottle onshore, but it must be taken back with you to the ship. Anything you bring with you onshore, must be taken back with you to the ship. Pack the items you take onshore in a small water tight bag, such as ziplock etc for cameras. Remember it must be securely sealed otherwise you will find the wildlife will enjoy exploring your bag!! Do not bring any food onshore. The excursions onshore lasted generally about 4 hours, sometimes 2 excursions during the daytime. It is recommended you put sunscreen on before leaving the ship. As for electronics on the ship, it is usually limited to charging your cellphone or camera battery. They do not want other devices plugged in as the electricity is very limited. Our ship (Non-Viking), was a retrofitted WWII hospital ship, with each cabin have 1 outlet. Some cabins had two. It was comfortable, but not large. Again the rule is whatever you bring on the island, you must take off. Viking may have altered some of these so the best bet is to check with them, although the majority of the rules are set by the Ecuadorian government. Also, when you fly to the islands, do not get concerned when they come through the cabin on the airplane disinfecting the overhead bins. This is a normal practice, and has nothing to do with coronavirus etc. Additionally, check with your guide when going onshore on what objects you can or can't take as souvenirs from the islands. It is very limited if any! Johneb2
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