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  1. Thank you so much for taking us along on your mini vacation. 🙂
  2. I just signed in using Firefox, no issues.
  3. Just booked SAS for our next cruise on Monday, they responded within an hour with all the instructions. We have used Jiffy Jeff also, but had a larger group, both companies are great.
  4. Check SAS transportation, they service a select group of hotels near port of Miami, and you can also arrange transportation back to the airport after your cruise, prices are reasonable.
  5. Thank you.. I just need a hotel in that area with stuff to do around there.
  6. yeah I already did that.. mostly good reviews, but just wanted to check with the people on here to see if they recomm staying there.
  7. Hello.. Just wanted to know what everyone thought about the YVE, thinking of booking one night there next Feb pre-cruise, was going to try the Holiday Inn next door, but nothing is available. Thanks everyone
  8. Thank you for taking time out of your vacation to do this, so happy for you to finally get to cruise again 🙂
  9. We have always flown down the day before, I would feel to nervous to fly down the day off, plus I get an extra day of vacation.
  10. I disagree, it all depends what you drink and how much you drink.. and if you don't like a drink you ordered, you simply don't have to drink it not worrying about it... I have never had to pay extra for a drink.. , and my hubby and I have saved a lot of money buy getting the drink packages, I used to hate looking at the final bill before they started offering the packages.
  11. I used to use a TA, until he retired., then I decided to just give it a try and book direct and I wouldn't go back to a TA.. I like having the control of the reservation.
  12. I don't care how it's pronounced, I just want to be sitting on that island with a drink in my hand.
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