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  1. Enjoyed the pictures.. !, Miss cruising so much..
  2. I was booked on the Majesty and found out the same day Dec 16, I requested a refund on the 18th, and received the full refund for my deposit and the booze package on Jan 7th.
  3. My Majesty 2022 got canceled, and decided not to book another one until I see how cruising is going to be once it resumes.
  4. Good Morning everyone.. Happy Wed.. just want to say .. Be positive... we are all going through things.. but we have to keep on trying.. we got this.. 🥰 **I am down 1 pound **.. it's a start..
  5. well I was pretty clear on the 1st post,. and then you responded with my quote on #47,(which mentions majesty in it) and I didn't know I had to keep repeating the ship. Listen.. all of us just want to get back to cruising.. that's what's makes most of us happy.. just keep your fingers crossed that we can all cruise soon again .. peace
  6. wow.. you are still on this.. can't be proven wrong huh.. go back and check post #40, then check post #47.. my 1st post about it mentioned majesty..
  7. hmm.. that was the 1st thing I said that it was majesty..
  8. you have to remember the majesty was canceled for different reasons.. not cause of covid.. the email clearly states have to use it by April 30, 2022, I am not lying , RCCl was shady with this whole FCC thing .. didn't seem fair that my Feb 2022 cruise was canceled by them, and only had until Apr 2022 to use the FCC and sail. That is why I am not booking anything until I know cruising will officially resume.. which may be years from now.
  9. nope.. the email I got only gave you until April 2022 to sail.. that is why I opted for the full refund.
  10. They canceled my majesty cruise for Feb 2022 and only gave me until April 2022 to use the FCC and sail.
  11. Hi everyone.. so I went up 2 pounds over the weekend.. it's the beer that gets me.. and during the week I don't drink and watch what I eat.. but I seem to let go on the weekends 😞
  12. and I have a feeling there will be cancellations after April 30th 😐
  13. I requested my refund on 12/18, received it 1/7.
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