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  1. Cause I thought it would be easier to get it from others who have used them in the past.. geez.. I guess can't ask questions on here .. sorry that's what I thought this forum was for.. 🙄
  2. I will.. but I know a lot of people have used Jiffy Jeff for their travel arrangements.. so I was hoping that I could get the answer on here 1st before calling..
  3. So just a question.. when making a reservation.. do you pay ahead of time with a credit card.. or do you just pay the driver the day off for the transfer... I am only asking cause there are 6 of us going.. and I am in charge of booking the transfers.
  4. Thank you for your review.. looking forward to sailing on the Allure.
  5. I didn't know at the time.. I had to do a reverse search of the phone number to figure out who it was.
  6. usually it is a spam phone call.. and if I don't know the number I won't answer.. if it is important than they will leave a message.
  7. It is funny.. that I started getting the calls the same day as I paid off half of the cruise.
  8. Ok.. so a couple times in the past week, I keep getting a phone call from a Ft. Lauderdale number, and I didn't answer it both times.. no message left.. so I did a reverse search of the number and a few people said it was Royal Caribbean calling. So why are they calling?, and should I call the number back?.. I have one cruise booked for next Feb. Any advice ??
  9. Both those rooms are fine..standard balcony room.. just a little walk to the elevators.. no biggie.
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