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  1. Searching for a shared shuttle service from POM to MIA..
  2. try resortpass.com, it will give you a list of all available resorts.
  3. You may want to try the Florida Departures Board for more info. Heard the Holiday Inn Port of Miami filed for bankruptcy.
  4. What is the latest with Uber at POM?.. availability?..
  5. The airline changed my flight for my return trip next year out of FLL , my other choices for flights that day were either 1020am or 9pm.. didn't want to chance it with the early morning flight.. so I picked the 9pm one, so I need to kill quite a few hours.. thinking of booking a resort pass, has anyone ever used it, and does the hotel store your luggage?. the cruise is out of Miami but I was thinking of a hotel in FLL. Any help would be appreciated. thanks..
  6. Loving all the pictures. Thank you for doing this.. enjoy your cruise!
  7. your travel agent should be looking to see if the price has dropped and make the adjustment to the lower price.
  8. Does anyone know the hours that you can do the testing? Hubby and I work, and will need to take the test on a thurs for our sat cruise, just afraid we may have to take an extra day off to get it done.
  9. We are staying there next year.. a group of 10.. I will def share my experience. 🙂
  10. lol.. I don't know.. I checked tripadvisor about the YVE.. and most of the reviews seem to be positive , only a few negative ones. But to each their own..
  11. I haven't stayed at the Hampton, I read great reviews about the YVE which is a couple blocks away from the Holiday Inn, and decided to book it.
  12. Just be careful of this hotel now.. they filed for bankruptcy and the latest reviews are bad.
  13. What's the UDP..lol.. never would of think of buying it, The MDR is fine.. never had a bad meal.
  14. Thank you so much for taking us along on your mini vacation. 🙂
  15. I just signed in using Firefox, no issues.
  16. Just booked SAS for our next cruise on Monday, they responded within an hour with all the instructions. We have used Jiffy Jeff also, but had a larger group, both companies are great.
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