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  1. Spoke to our cruise consultant recently. At this time you must be vaccinated to cruise NCL. It is a complicated issue because there truly are some who cannot get vaccinated (i.e. dear friend took first vaccine and ended up in the emergency room from a severe reaction and doc advised against getting the second). I do think the restrictions will change in the future, but requiring vaccines initially when cruising begins again is the right thing for the safety of the majority IMO.
  2. This exactly. We decided to postpone our Sept 2021 cruise (a second time) not because the CDC won't allow cruising to Hawaii but because the residents are worried about tourists like me bringing infection to them -- not much Aloha these days. Also, many businesses have closed and may not reopen in time for summer/fall cruisers to enjoy all the places and excursions planned. Additionally, cruise lines need time to verify vaccination of all staff many of whom come from far countries to work and may not have easy access to the vaccine yet. I'm thinking of 2021 as "recovery time" and hope that
  3. We recently kicked the can down the road again and rebooked for a second time our PoA Sept 2021 Hawaii cruise to 2022 as a precaution for both cancellation and more so fear of restrictions and closures. At the time it seemed like we were being overly cautions but not so much now. Still waiting for our vaccinations and cruising again someday.
  4. We were booked for PoA Sept 2020 which we pushed to Sept 2021 due to Covid but thankfully before final payment was due so NCL only has our deposit. I feel for all who have FCC if NCL goes bankrupt. We just made the decision to again push our trip to Sept 2022, but the enthusiasm we had so long ago when we started planning this trip is dwindling. We are in the bottom tier for the vaccine and hope that all our lives are normal-ish one day soon.
  5. We were booked on PoA (Hawaii) in Sept 2020 which we rebooked for Sept 2021. That seemed so far off at the time. Since husband and I are in the bottom tier for the Covid vaccine (and we have a conflict for the 2021 date now anyway), we pushed our cruise yet another year to Sept 2022. My initial excitement about this cruise (as well as a lot of things in life) has diminished so much. I'm hoping life is some kind of normal-ish by then, but not much surprises me these days.
  6. Calling NCL and talking to someone directly will make the process so much easier than trying to do it on line yourself.
  7. I'll be following along with this thread. We had booked our NCL POA Hawaii cruise for September 2020 but decided at the end of March that cruising through 2020 was looking iffy. Rather than wait for NCL to cancel (which they ultimately did just recently), we postponed our reservation until September 2021. Maybe we lost out on some monetary credits, but I'm not a good wait-and-see-what-happens person, so rebooking at the same rate we previously had was peace of mind for me. Hoping/praying that by the time our final payment is due, this pandemic is in our wake.
  8. Is it possible to get a pitcher of pineapple juice (or Coke) for my cabin????? Husband and I both have bottomless bubbles and we ordered a bottle of rum for our room. My balcony with a good book and a juice-n-rum drink, and I'm a happy cruiser. 🙂
  9. What time are the stage shows in the evening? Is there an early show and a late show per night or only one?
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