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  1. I personally do not like stress of a short layover, it’s vacation, there should be no stress involved. We just flew from FLL to Paris via Newark, had almost 3 hour layover. Original flight FLL 1:30 PM , arriving Newark 4:20 PM..departure for CDG 6:40 PM... Weather, air traffic control, late arriving plane, we did not leave for Newark until almost 10 PM we missed our Newark to Paris flight and spend the night and the entire next day in Newark airport, making our “ new layover “ 24 hours.. ....
  2. We recently flew from Florida to Paris, via Newark, we had almost 3 hours between flights, before we left for the airport, our flight from Florida , scheduled for 1:30 PM was delayed 30 minutes, by the time we got to the airport, another 30 minutes. we finally got on the plane and had 20 minutes from landing in Newark to “run 15 gates to our flight to Paris. just before taking off, we had another delay ! We were were taken off the plane...and missed our connection we flew to Newark at about 10 PM, checked into a hotel at 1AM , and spend the entire next day in Newark airport, to take the 6:40 PM flight we missed the day before. Luckily we were not leaving on the cruise for 6 more days, so we “only “ missed a day in Paris 😪
  3. We took a river cruise and they booked our flights with no problems... land last year we booked on our own and our flight was cancelled, 😥 I guess it’s just the cost of flying these days... hopefully we will be laughing about this in Paris a week from now 😀
  4. We usually do book on our own, but they advertised, book now, pay later when you make final payment for cruise, there was a 20 % discount And one of our travel mates had heart surgery, so we didn’t want to pay for tickets months before we had to pay for the cruise. We wanted to see how he recovered. This is the last flight to Paris that day, but I have researched and there are 2 later flights to London, which would not be the best choice , but would get us to Europe that day, ..we have a week before the cruise so that’s not an issue..we would miss a day in Paris ...fingers crossed ..
  5. The 10:30 departure was not on the list of flights available on the celebrity flights site. Had it been an option we certainly would have taken it. We also always try for 3 hours between flights. Interestingly, Celebrity changed our return without checking with us first, we were originally arriving back from Amsterdam to IAD, we received an e- mail that we were changed to an earlier from Amsterdam to Houston, then back to FLL.. after they made that change I started looking at all the flights and found that United had the earlier flight...it was not an option when we booked ! But again has anyone had experience with the Emergency Travel Desk?
  6. So has anyone missed a flight booked by Celebrity? If so what was your experience in being re-booked
  7. We are flying a week from today, flights booked thru celebrity, We are scheduled to leave FLL 1:30 PM to EWR arriving 4:30 PM connecting to CDG at 6:40 PM, all in the same terminal, which is one reason I chose it. There was not an earlier choice to leave FLL or I would have chosen that. I have 2 questions ? Will they hold the flight to CDG if they know 4 passengers will be arriving ? Has anyone needed to use the Celebrity Emergency Team for a missed flight ? BTW..I have been working with celebrity to try and switch to a 10:30 AM flight, United will not make the change. Also, we are flying business and 2 of us require C-Pap at night, so a coach seat would never work, which is why we booked business. We have documentation from our cardiologist that c-pap is essential thoughts , ideas
  8. We booked our seats and were able to choose our seats before we paid, It was on United, they did change our return flight without checking with us. We fly in a month and hope all will work out, this is our first time using flights by Celebrity, we got a good price, but let’s see if it’s worth it!!!
  9. I am so glad I went in October, it was a beautiful visit and the people were so nice and 😀 Welcoming, i feel sorry for anyone who booked and was excited to go, but I feel worse for the poor Cuban people who so depend on tourism to make ends meet. They are so poor, it is so sad..😥
  10. We are booked on the celebrity excursion to Berlin from Warmanemunde ,as the excursion will be getting back to the ship until11 PM, will the buffet have extended hours ?
  11. Actually most nurses will, refer to Florence Nightingale as Flo..and another very strong well, respected women is referred to as RBG!!!
  12. Has anyone done the excursions from Warmnemunde to,Berlin ? which did you prefer? We are deciding between Cold War Kalidiscope and Berlin Highlights and Reichstag? thanks in advance Nancy
  13. We are sailing on the Equinox a week from today, it will be our 3rd time on the ship, Glad to hear they were able to tender into PC, I guess it just depends on the day.. love your review...
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