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  1. You must not remember that one of the automatic doors in the aft of Deck 8 near the lifts going out to the Waterfront didn't work for a few days. Completely ruined the entire sailing, and I felt I deserved some partial refund on my cruise fare.
  2. You can definitely cancel your reservations once you are onboard. On each of the ships I've been on there is a speciality restaurants desk set up in the atrium (though it's only staffed at certain times of the day). On each of my past 3 sailings I've gone to it to move around reservation times and changed restaurants entirely (effectively cancelling one and booking a new one). I've never waited until the last minute to do it, nor have I ever done a complete no-show, so I don't know if there is an expected notice period, but I would think as long as you are reasonable they will be too.
  3. I've been wondering if this were possible and if people actually did it. If you are a couple (want to share a cabin) and are platinum, and sail with a couple who aren't platinum, how do you manage this? I understand splitting up the booking, but presumably once you go to guest service to ask them to change around the room keys they system is back to seeing 2 platinums in one cabin, and 2 non-platinums in another cabin?
  4. As an American Expat living in London, I book on price either with the US or the UK. Previously when I've booked with a UK travel agent my card was printed UBP+CJ or something, which entitled me to speciality coffees (and juices?) at any time. It's been a few years since I've booked NCL through the UK agent, and I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is still that added difference? I also think I got extra bottles of water in the cabin, though that might have been something specifically with the travel agent. Thanks,
  5. We're sailing on the Jewel at the end of the month and due to travel agent perks and price drops I've managed to get a total of $570 in OBC per cabin. My partner and I are in one cabin, and I'm fine with us just having our cabin linked as a single account with a single payment card. However the other cabin is being shared by two friends. Will guest services be willing/able to split the OBC evenly between the two guests? With the drinks package and private shore excursions we aren't anticipating having a high enough balance to just have one friend give the other one 1/2 the value, and doing a full joint bill for the cabin is likely cause more hassle trying to unpick it to ensure it's fair. Thanks,
  6. Earlier in the thread I saw the menu that showed the price of spirts alone, but I'm wondering if there are cocktails/martinis that are excluded from the base drinks package. I see Grey Goose is 14.95, but how what about a Grey Goose martini for instance. Or even a Grey Goose and tonic, does the cost of the tonic push it over $15 and out of the drinks package? Thanks,
  7. I'm on the Jewel from Aug 26th, so will be watching this thread. If you have copies of the Freestyle Dailies or whatever they are called now, I'd appreciate seeing those as well. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Yes we'll have our own car. We're leaving Anchorage on Monday afternoon, staying in Talkeetna on Monday night, and Healy from Tuesday to Thursday, with Wednesday being the day we intend to go into the park. For the bus, I guess I was just confused why I had to pick a time if it was hop-on / hop-off, but it sounds like I'm obligated to get on the first bus at whatever time I pick when reserving and then from there have a bit of flexibility based on availability of later buses. For food, we were thinking of picking up a few non-perishable snack items on Monday on our way out of Anchorage, and it sounds like we can get a few fresh items from The Three Bears in Healy. Follow-up question instead of starting a new thread. We're planning on getting the bus all the way in to the Eielson Visitor Center when we board the bus in the morning and then hope to do a few of the trails to either the ridge or gorge. If we broke our journey on the way out, is there any recommend spots that might be good for an hour or two that would provide something different than what we'll see at/near Eielson? If it matters, we'll be visiting on Wednesday Sept 5th, so quite late in the season. Thanks again, Duane
  9. Hi there, Two questions. The first is hopefully easy: 1. I thought tourist bus tickets into Denali were hop on hop off style, however when attempting to book tickets for the 'Eielson Transit Bus' I have to choose a time that seems to be for the whole in and out journey. e.g "(Wed) 9/4/2019 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM" If I book this ticket, do I have to be on the 7am bus and then the subsequent bus that arrives back at the start at 4pm, or can I get on other buses? The second question is more of a discussion topic. 2. I'm staying in Healy the night before going into Denali, what places are there to buy food to take with us into the park? And also in general, I'm curious what food people do end up taking. Thanks,
  10. I've asked this in an existing thread regarding Harvest Caye but didn't get any responses, so I thought I'd start a fresh thread. My cabin mate and I have the $50 shore excursion credit. I've picked up that we could use this to reserve a clamshell on Harvest Caye. If we reserve a clamshell is it possible that there will be a free (as in cost) lounger nearby for third friend who won't be renting one? If we wanted to use our shore excursion credit for the clamshell, do we do that on board on somewhere on HC itself? Thanks,
  11. Sorry, this is my first time to Harvest Caye on the Getaway at the end of the month. A few questions from things I'm reading in this thread? - We have the $50 per cabin shore excursion credit as part of the 'free at sea' promotion. If we wanted to use that to reserve a clam shell, do we do that on the ship or when we get to the beach? - Do the other loungers cost, or just the clam shell? - If we have 3 in the group, is it possible to get a clam shell, and a regular lounger together near each other? Aside from this is there really any planning that you need to do before going to HC? or is it just a bit like Grand Turk? Thanks,
  12. My cabin mate is wanting to go to Nachi's when were are in Cozumel on Feb 1st, and I'm wondering how good it is for snorkelling? Any thoughts?
  13. Hi, Looking to book 2 cabins on the Jewel, northbound to Alaska next year. Ideally, we'd like to book 2 cabins with a connecting balcony. Are the only balconies that connect on the Jewel the 'family balconies'? These are $80 pp more expensive than a standard balcony, and from everything I can tell the cabins are exactly the same size. So we'd end up paying $320 more between the 4 of us just to have the connecting balcony. Are adjacent standard balconies able to have the balconies opened up? Thanks,
  14. We're staying in a suite for the first time on the Jade next weekend on the 2nt Southampton->Hamburg sailing. I only just remembered that there was a special lunch venue for suite guests. Is this available on embarkation day as well? On Jade, is this in Cagney's? Where can we find a definitive list of perks like this that are available to us for staying in a "Category SF - Penthouse Suite with Large Balcony" Thanks,
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