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  1. I am not a smoker, but I wish Carnival would build a cigar lounge for smokers and make the casino smoke free instead. There is wayyyyy too many smokers not gambling in the casino taking up seats in front of the machines.
  2. I can't answer your specific question, but I just wanted to recommend a knee scooter instead. It's smaller and moves around much easier than a wheelchair.
  3. Wow, you are absolute right. I live in Los Angeles and there are a ton of Quest Diagnostic labs near me. However, the closest one for the Covid testing site according to their website is 40 miles away out in Palmdale. When I checked for Port Canaveral area, it is 20 miles away at a Walmart in Melbourne, FL. I think I will stick with CVS and book the appointment 2 weeks out instead.
  4. The straws Carnival provides are horrible. Places like Florida and the Caribbean are super humid. The straws at the outdoor bars that sail in that area were already limp when they give you your drink. Just pack your own.
  5. This is the location I have to go to as well. Nothing else near me in the Pico/Robertson area. I just need to remember to book 2 weeks out before my next Oct cruise out of Galveston.
  6. I have done it with 3 mini bottles of Stella Rosa at the Port of Long Beach. The security person looked at me and I said that the 3 small bottles equal 1 regular size wine bottle and he let me through. I think it is at their discretion if they will let you through or not.
  7. There are several self service soda machines on deck 16 in the Lido Marketplace. The only other one I saw was on deck 8, to the left of the Pig & Anchor bar tucked away in the corner. For juice dispensers, I remember seeing them on deck 8 next to the soda machine and in front of Pizza del Capitano. It can also be found to the right of Javablue Cafe on deck 6 and on deck 17 next to Guy's Bugers.
  8. To my understanding, insurance will not pay for the test for something that is not medically necessary (i.e. testing for voluntary travel). However, they will pay if you were potentially exposed to the virus because social distancing was not possible. Just answer yes to question 2 so that you will not be on the hook for the cost of the test.
  9. Here is the CVS questionnaire when making an appointment for a Covid test. Just answer yes to the 2nd question.
  10. On board now, and my husband has been pissed every night for dinner. I have to keep reminding him it's only night 1, night 2, now night 3 so far and the staff is still learning. He is trying to be understanding, but it's getting hard for him as each night didn't seem to get better. For example, we ate at Cucina del Capitano today for dinner. Started off well, as they came and gave our party bread and took our drink order within 2 minutes of sitting down. I received my cocktail within 10 minutes after ordering. My husband had to ask 3 additional times before he got his glass of wine 70 minutes later. Appetizers came within 10 minutes after placing our food order. Then we waited over an hour to get our entrees. 3 out of 4 of us got our entrees at the same time, which were all cold. My husband didn't get his entree until 30 minutes after ours. Dessert took another 20 minutes after clearing our entree plates. Oh our ice creams for dinner every night has always been melted and soupy, which is disappointing. Not complaining, just noting our experience so far.
  11. I have never received any type of military credit for sailing Carnival. In fact, my TA specializes in cruises for the military and has never mentioned or offered any additional military credit either. The only mention from Carnival is this: https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2856/kw/military, but it only talks about them offering a military cruise rate (which tends to be only $15 cheaper than the Early Saver Rate for me).
  12. Under the "Booking and Order Details" tab, there should be a button called "View/Print Documents". Check "Print General Information" before clicking "View/Print Docs" button. It will be on the invoice and look something like this: Also, Carnival offers military credits? How do I get this? Every time I make a booking, their military discount is barely $15 cheaper than the early saver rate. I always end up choosing the casino rate instead.
  13. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like the smoking section is the area inside the red outline and everything else will be non-smoking correct? Anyone see any video poker machines?
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