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  1. Thank a lot for your reply! I will definitely check if we would have received the Premium Alcoholic package "by mistake" as well, otherwise we'll go for a downgrade to Premium NA.
  2. I think we bought it the last day before debarkation day as well. We didn't ask for further discount or discount on the newer models, but we might do that next time!
  3. Funnily we had almost the exact same experience regarding Michael Kors bags! We bought a quite cheap tote bag onboard Equinox in January (I believe it was a sale with items from last season), my wife had long wanted a MK bag, so it was ideal. The price onboard was about 40% off the cheapest legit US retailer we could find within a few minutes of searching, and more than 50% off retail prices in Denmark. I would suppose it's common sense to hold the onboard price up against the price on land, but already when my wife saw the price tag on the specific bag, she knew it was a great deal.
  4. We booked a GTY cat. 11 deluxe inside on Edge for the December 1 sailing, and we have already been assigned a specific cat. 10 stateroom, ie. one category upgrade (happened within two weeks of booking early June 2019). The cruise currently shows all cat. 11 staterooms sold out (ie. cat. 11 not bookable on any TA's/Celebrity's website). I suppose we would not be able to request another cat. 10 stateroom, since we already got upgraded from our original guaranteed category?
  5. The "Go Bigger Better Best" promotion stopped in April, the current pricing/perk structure from Celebrity is called "Sail Your Way": http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/SailYourWay_Offer_Flyer_GenericPricingStrategy.pdf As I mentioned in my previous post, unless any special promotion would run for a limited time, ALL perks are only for 1st and 2nd person in the stateroom, including suites.
  6. I believe ALL Celebrity's booking perks are (and always have been) only for 1st and 2nd guest in a stateroom, be it gratuities, wifi, beverage packages or OBC. Sometimes, they concurrently run a "50% off 3rd/4th person" promotion, but the perks are still only for the first two guests in the stateroom. On their current promotion "Sail Your Way", the terms clearly mention that the perks are for 1st and 2nd guest only. https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-deals/special-offer (scroll to the bottom): "Perks Included Offers: Each of the first two guests in a qualifying inside, ocean view, veranda, Concierge Class, or AquaClass stateroom are eligible to receive two amenities with the choice of a “Two Perks Included” rate: Classic Beverage Package, Unlimited Internet Package, $150 per person onboard credit (“OBC”), or Prepaid Gratuities". It appears to also apply for suites: "Each of the first two guests in a qualifying suite booking are eligible to receive four complimentary amenities: Premium Beverage Package, Unlimited Internet Package, $150 per person onboard credit (“OBC”), and Prepaid Gratuities."
  7. Please post your "results"! My wife and I are going on Edge on December 1, and we plan to do the same, so it would be nice to hear if you were successful specifically on Edge. From other posts about this subject, results seem to vary by ship, port of departure and other factors. Some are asked to pay to upgrade to the Premium Alcoholic Package, some have only been allowed to downgrade to the Classic NA, and some have downgraded to the Premium NA without any trouble.
  8. Oh, that makes sense then. I would believe that CAB beverages are otherwise covered by the Classic/Premium beverage packages.
  9. There should be no problem in booking via a US (online) travel agent, even though you're from Europe. I am from Denmark, and I just did that a few weeks ago without any trouble (at least so far!). Some US TAs may slightly adjust their actual offer if you choose that you don't live in US/Canada, but the TA I used had all their bonus offers available for non-US/CA residents as well. Some TAs might not be able to offer eg. additional OBC due to company policies or whatever, but the TA I used had all their bonus offers for that specific sailing available for me as well. You can read a bit about my experience so far in this thread:
  10. Also with a Classic or Premium beverage package? It says specialty coffees and organic teas are included.
  11. Post #302 on page 13 has both the "original" and the "revised" revolutionization schemes.
  12. Usually some custard/ganache "bite-sizes", some tortes, some cookies and always a gluten-free alternative, which varies. It can be coconut macaroons or a gluten-free cookie variant. Check out this video, where the cake display is shown quite clearly (starting at about 1:52):
  13. I'll allow myself to "hijack" this thread regarding a somewhat related question: When I booked our upcoming cruise with a US online travel agent, we received 100$ bonus OBC directly from the TA. The smallprint of these bonus OBC state that they "cannot be used towards onboard service charges". Is this also true with TA OBC on Celebrity, or is it just a standard catch-all term, ie. the TA also covering "stricter" cruise lines with this term, or can I indeed not use TA OBC to pay the daily gratuities charge from my stateroom account when onboard?
  14. Actually, all CC tiers from "Classic" and up can get a free scoop.
  15. It's in the "Equinox Revolution" thread (click on "mari10 replied..."):
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