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  1. SAS has direct flights CPH-IAD each day, with BA you would have to transfer in LHR. SAS seems to be flying the route mainly with their ageing Airbus A340s from around 2003 (and some days with their newer Airbus A330s, which would probably be the case next year, as they will start phasing out the A340s), whereas BA is currently flying the route with their brand new Airbus A350-1000s and previous months with their 5-8 year old Boeing 787s. So that may also influence your decision. Do you have status in any alliance? That could have an impact on lounge access and/or baggage allowance, if that's relevant for you. SAS is in Star Alliance, BA is in OneWorld.
  2. It should be 30-40 minutes by taxi, depending on traffic. You would be traveling in the middle of the morning rush, so probably closer to 45 than 30 minutes in your case. However, 2½+ hours at the airport should be more than sufficient to get to your gate with time to spare. CPH is a very easily navigable airport. Depending on which quay the ships docks at, you could alternatively walk to Østerport Station (1,5 km from Langelinie) and take the Øresund Train directly to the airport, which is a 25-minute ride at 36DKK/5,50$ pp. A taxi would cost at least 300DKK for the trip. Ubers and other rideshare services are illegal in Denmark, so that's not a possibility.
  3. That's just another flash sale, as I presumed earlier in the thread. The genereal July offer is as I described above; 100$-500$pp savings, depending on stateroom category. The savings are then doubled during the flash sale lasting from today until Monday.
  4. I'm 3 points up, which is correct, since I only participated in the week 1 and week 3 activities. Does anyone know what this week's "activity" is, and would anybody have a link to it?
  5. Our Apex April 2021 cruise is up about 400$, so not that much - but it's an Inside stateroom, and for our 400$ lower fare we got three perks + 200$ bonus OBC, instead of only the two current perks WITH the price increase. We're excited to see if we will even be going, the current situation in Florida is a mess. We have already booked flight tickets from Europe and booked Airbnb, so we really hope that we will be sailing in April!
  6. The standard Sail - Sail Plus (2 perks) - Sail All Included (4 perks) with minimal savings, ranging from 100$pp for Insides to 500$pp for Suites. I would expect a flash sale this coming weekend or next weekend.
  7. The 4th of July sale has now been announced. Three "free" perks; Classic beverage package, unlimited wifi and prepaid gratuities for ALL guests 1-5 in the stateroom. Booking window: July 1 - July 6, 2020, the offer is applicable for "new bookings" (but try your luck with your existing booking, if the new price during the promotion is good) on all stateroom types from Inside through Aqua Class, for "select" sailings departing October 3, 2020 - May 4, 2022. Combinable with FCCs. This could definitely be a great offer for family bookings or other bookings with 3 or more persons in the same stateroom, but also for "normal" 2 person bookings. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Special_Offers/CEL_Dream_Big_4th_of_July_Sale.pdf
  8. Correct, and probably especially now when they are very pressured financially from "external" sides. They will try to hide price increases as promotions. The Thanksgiving sale back in November 2019 was among the best sales in recent years, ALSO for existing bookings. A lot of CC users had their booking re-priced during that sale (including myself for two cabins on Apex in April 2021), and either saved a fair amount or got an actually free extra perk (which was part of the offer) - and some both saved money AND got an extra free perk. I don't think we saved anything during the Thanksgiving sale, I think we paid about 20$pp extra, but for that we got prepaid gratuities as the extra perk (the 20$pp was probably natural price adjustments according to current demand), so it was still a great deal for us.
  9. I wouldn't bother with category 12 Insides, since they are only 10$pp cheaper than category 11 Insides, and 12s are in the least desirable locations. Cat 11 are the cheapest Deluxe Insides, and are located on deck 7 and 8 forwards on the ship. Cat 10 and Cat 9 are the more "expensive" Inside categories, and we have been very satisfied with cat 10 Insides, which are located midship on deck 8, forwards and on the back of the ship on deck 9, and on the back on deck 10 and 11. Just FYI, the price difference between each Inside category, 12->11->10->9, is 10$pp, so as I said I really don't see any point in saving 10$ from cat 11 down to cat 12, since they are a lot less desirable than cat 11, so go for at least cat 11 in my opinion. You can see the Edge deck plan here (scroll down halfway), as well as the stateroom category locations on the ship: https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-ships/celebrity-edge and you can see the CC ship reviews here: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/getreviews.cfm?action=ship&ShipID=1130. Currently, there are only two Mediterranean reviews (almost the whole 2020 Med season has naturally been cancelled due to Covid-19), but a lot of reviews from Caribbean cruises, including my own review: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=672236. To put it short, the only thing that kept my rating from 5/5 was the horrible dining experience, which, luckily, does seem to have been a one-off bad experience.
  10. We have been on Equinox once and Edge once, and have an upcoming cruise on Apex in April 2021. I will not provide a general review of Edge, since you can find those here on CC (I also submitted an Edge review back in December 2019). Both my wife and I can warmly recommend the Edge class, based just on our single cruise on Edge! We're both 31, and you should also expect to be in the lower half on the age demography onboard, but that applies for Celebrity in general. On our Edge cruise we had a category 10 Deluxe Inside stateroom, #8176. For our upcoming Apex cruise we booked the stateroom on the other side of the wall. I can only recommend these Deluxe Insides, and I don't think we would actually bother going to an Outside or above stateroom - we're very comfortable in Insides, and it helps us sleep better at night, since no natural lightning comes in the stateroom at all. The money we save on not "upgrading" to a higher stateroom class is spent on excursions and spa treatments instead. Clearly, you won't be able to enjoy your breakfast (or any other meals!) watching the sea from your stateroom, but we felt there were plenty of other places to do that; the terrace in the Oceanview Cafe (buffet restaurant open from 6am - 2am) and in general all across the ship, so we absolutely didn't feel like missing out on that matter. Though not guaranteed, I am almost certain you'll enjoy the Edge class. We, at our age, enjoyed the design and everything on Edge above Equinox. My parents-in-law (mid-50s + early 60s) were in a S3 suite on the same Edge cruise in December, and they had the same feeling; they enjoyed Edge over Equinox.
  11. You are indeed correct. What a bummer. I would be surprised if there WASN'T. Nothing has been announced yet, though. I will make sure to post when I hear of any new promotions, if no-one else doesn't catch it before me. 🙂
  12. Yes, it can - as opposed to certain other cruise lines. If you don't prepay the gratuities, the daily amount will be deducted from you onboard account, and if that is insufficient, the rest will be paid from your credit card on file, like any other onboard purchase exceeding your onboard credit balance.
  13. It was posted by @garyl62 in another thread: https://pages.email.celebritycruises.com/page.aspx?QS=f309f80a0ed2c7084aa90001b6291bfce74d7836bf052e84cffcebad76fa1e2a9caabb3c2b858855dacbd9de16a163b39b8ab42c46ffb7a401d240679e8687c1851817e6d74f4b3244113cdf19954493a97cbc394c4b9610b05acf5e7a66dd70 Honestly, if it's not against TOS of CruiseCritic (don't see why it would be, though), we should have a sticky thread for the links (or at least just if someone would make sure to post the link in this thread every week), since apparently it varies vastly who receives the link from week to week. I haven't received a single link in any of the three weeks, some have received the link every week, and yet some received the link one or two out of the three weeks.
  14. Thanks! It appears that since I live in Denmark, and hence I'm registered under Denmark on my profile, I don't receive these Power Up mails, even though I'm signed up for the US newsletters as well as the Scandinavian newsletters. You posting the links to both this and the first survey is very helpful - thanks again! It'll be exciting to see if I actually recieve my 3 CC points mid-July (2+1 points, I refuse to do any social media activities), now that I live in Denmark, but still completed both surveys via your links, with my actual CC member number.
  15. Yet another flash sale starting on Friday, June 26, and lasting until and including next Tuesday, June 30: Classic Beverage Package and 300$ OBC per person for the first two persons in the stateroom, when booking on the "Sail" price tier. This should mean that this offer would technically be at a lower price than any other combination of two perks - also cheaper than beverage package and 150$pp, since that's the standard 2-perk offer on the "Sail Plus" price tier, which has a fixed upcharge of 20$pppd. As always, the offer is applicable for "new bookings" (but try your luck with your existing booking, if the new price during the promotion is good) on all stateroom types from Inside to Aqua Class, and applicable for "select" sailings departing October 3, 2020 - May 4, 2022. Combinable with the June savings offer and FCCs. IMO, this is the best combination of perks in any of the recent flash sales - 300$ OBC per person is only very rarely offered, eg. on Black Friday or birthday promotions, and the beverage package has by far the highest purchase value. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Special_Offers/CEL_Extra_Credit_Sale.pdf
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