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  1. For our December 1 Edge sailing we recently had THREE separate sales with varying discount % within six weeks. Literally a new short (3-7 days) sale every ~2 weeks. All sales were unannounced, even in the Cruise Planner, but since I knew the list prices for certain shore excursions I could deduct that a sale was going on. The discount varied between each sale and each excursion from 5% to 25%.
  2. Damn, we debark Edge on December 8, would have loved to see the Spring 2022 Caribbean itineraries onboard, and score that delicious Future Cruise OBC bonus. Even if there's a 3-day-earlier Captain's Club reveal (I believe it was 3 days last time), it would be on debarkation day. Well, Ill check it when Im back home instead.
  3. Premium+ is a very new, "limited" product offer from Celebrity. As jelayne wrote, you have the Premium in suites and the Classic if booked in any other stateroom types, unless your TA may have given you a Classic->Premium upgrade as a bonus. But otherwise everything else in the thread is correct - no non-alcoholic differences between Premium and Premium+, but quite a difference between Classic and Premium.
  4. I tried adding the "Drinks & More" to my CP basket. The 21$ are including 20% gratuities, ie. the upgrade itself is 17,50$, with 3,50$ gratuities added, totalling 21,00$ pppd. Just like the Classic->Premium upgrade, which is 10,00$ + 2,00$ grats, ie. 12,00$ pppd.
  5. Saw this in my Cruise Planner for our December 1 Edge sailing: There is NO info at all when I click the "Drinks & More" package, but the short "hype text" shown above vaguely resembles the description of the Premium + package. In other words, it would seem that it's now possible to UPGRADE to the Premium Plus package. Interestingly, the price of the "standalone" Premium Plus package has now increased to 76,50$ - which is definitely not the same price as the normal Premium package, as mentioned below!
  6. Swiss usually uses Terminal 2 in Copenhagen: https://www.cph.dk/en/flight-information/airlines/swiss. But the train station in CPH is located in Terminal 3, where the Information Desk is also located, so you would have to go there anyway.
  7. And the price increase is now also live on Celebrity's US website: I checked a few online TAs, and they currently only show "Sail" fares without any perks. They might need to reload prices before being able to show the new "Sail Plus" and "Sail All Included" fares.
  8. You cannot officially downgrade the beverage package received as a perk, it's "take it or leave it". Not via Cruise Planner, not by phone or by any other contact form. However, give it a shot with Guest Services as the first thing after embarking. Make sure that you DO NOT use the perk package in any way before enquiring about the Classic Alcoholic->Premium Non-alcoholic change. Reports have been mixed, but in general people seem to have been successful in downgrading immediately after embarkation.
  9. The price increase is now live in Australia - a price increase of 142AUD pp for a 7-day cruise, converts to ~95,50USD pp.
  10. This .pdf was uploaded to Celebrity's TA-oriented website today: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Beverage_Pkg_Perk_Price_Increase-Field-Trade_One_Pager.pdf It basically confirms what has been said by TAs in the thread; that the fare increase when choosing CBP as one of the two perks/when choosing all four perks is 14$ per person per day. Ie. if choosing eg. prepaid gratuities and wifi, you will get a fare 14$ lower pppd, than if choosing prepaid gratuities and CBP. Bookings completed before October 10, 2019 will NOT have a fare increase, BUT if the booking is changed after October 10, this will result in a fare increase of 14$ pppd. BEVERAGE PKG PERK PRICING UPDATE BEGINNING 10.10.19 1. This is not a service fee 2. It is a price increase when choosing the beverage package as a perk WHAT IS INCREASING? • The price of the Beverage Pkg when selected as a perk • This price increase is $14/day/person WHO WILL BE CHARGED THIS INCREASE? • Sail Plus & Sail All-Included --- when selecting Beverage Pkg as a Perk for Inside → AquaClass • Suites are EXCLUDED from this increase WHEN DOES THIS PRICE INCREASE BEGIN? • New bookings made selecting Beverage Pkg as a Perk on 10.10.19 and onwards • Any bookings serviced/modified that involves selecting Beverage as a Perk on 10.10.19 and onwards • Any booking that had Beverage Pkg as Perk prior to 10.10.19 will not be affected WHY IS THIS TAKING PLACE? • For over 7 years, we have not increased the beverage pkg perk price, however, our costs have increased. • Despite the Beverage Pkg perk price increase, our Bev Pkg pricing remains well below the industry average COMPETITIVE CELEBRITY CELEBRITY CRUISES CRUISES CRUISE LINE B LANDSCAPE SAIL PLUS SAIL ALL-INCLUDED PERK BEVERAGE PACKAGE Classic Beverage Package Premium Beverage Package ** Premium Beverage Package OFFERING RETAIL PRICE $59 PP/DAY $69 PP/DAY $99 PP/DAY + 20% GRATUITY & SERVICE + 20% GRATUITY + 20% GRATUITY CHARGE INCREASED BEVERAGE COST $14 $14 $19.80 WHEN SELECTED AS A PERK PER PERSON/DAY PER PERSON/DAY PER PERSON/DAY SAIL YOUR RATE DETAILS SAMPLE WAY PRICING Sail Lowest available fare, no perks $900 Sail Plus 2 Perks (Wifi, Grats, or OBC) $999 Sail Plus 2 Perks with beverage package $1,097 selected Sail All Included 4 Perks* $1,314 THE BEVERAGE PERK CHARGE IS $14/ DAY PER PERSON. IF PURCHASED ONBOARD OR PRE-CRUISE, THE CLASSIC BEVERAGE PACKAGE IS $59/DAY +20% GRATUITY FOR A TOTAL OF $70.80 PER DAY. **The cost to upgrade to our Premium Beverage Package remains the same at $10 pp, per day. 1. Q: Why am I seeing a different price when I choose a beverage package perk? A: Since we began offering perks within our pricing strategy, we have not increased pricing. We’ve been absorbing the increased cost of beverage perks for some time; we now offsetting the cost. 2. Q: Why are we displaying the increase separately? A: We’re utilizing the current system functionality. 3. Q: Will Travel Advisors receive commission on the new Beverage Package Perk Pricing? A: Travel Advisors will continue to receive commission for the perk as part of the cruise fare. The Cruise Fare pricing reflects the “Perks” chosen by your clients and therefore you earn commission on the total cruise fare, as today. 4. Q: Will there be additional price programs displayed in Espresso and other booking tools? A: No, there will be the same number of price programs as there are today. 5. Q: Will the Beverage Package Perk pricing affect pricing on all Celebrity sailings? A: No, this cost does not apply to Galapagos ships/sailings since the Galapagos pricing is all inclusive. 6. Q: If I’m under the legal drinking age, do I still pay the same price for the beverage package perk? A: Yes, if the guest is under the legal drinking age, and is the 1st or 2nd guest in the stateroom, they will still see the increased cost. The package will be non-alcoholic. 7. Q: Do I need to tip onboard for beverages if I’ve selected the beverage package perk? A: No, you do not. However, guests may leave an additional tip to recognize outstanding service. 8. Q: Why should I select the beverage package perk when I book my cruise? A: The beverage package perk is still the best value for the guest. On a 10N cruise, if you purchase a beverage package through PCP or onboard, it would cost you $59+20% gratuities, at total of $70.80 per person, per day, or $708 pp. When you select 2 perks with the beverage package the increase cost is only $140 per person. 9. Q: If I book Sail All Included, in a suite stateroom, will the price be increased? A: When selecting a suite (4 perks for Suites), there will not be an increase, this price is inclusive of four perks. 10. Q: If I book Sail All Included, in a non-Suite category, will there be an increase? A: When you book an inside, outside, veranda, Concierge, Aqua, there is a price increase of $14 per person per day, plus the current upgrade cost of $35 per person per day. 11. Q:Is the Beverage Perk still the best value? A: Yes, the beverage package perk is still the best value of all four perks. Below is an illustration for a 10N cruise, when you select 2 perks (per person cost): Perk vs. Pre-Cruise or Onboard Purchase Beverage $140 $708 OBC $0 $150 WiFi $0 $380 Gratuities $0 $150 12. Q: For unnamed groups will the Bev Pkg Perk rate increase if they select the Bev perk when they name their group booking? A: Yes, if they are naming their groups after 10/10/19, the guest will be charged the Beverage Perk Charge. 13. Q: Will named groups be protected? A: Yes, same as individual bookings. 14. Q: If I change my perk to the beverage package perk, will my rate increase? A: Yes. If the booking has been named and deposited and the guest changes their perk selection after 10/10/19, they will be charged. This applies to individual and group bookings. 15. Q: Will groups process be the same? A: Yes, the process will be the same. 16. Q: For existing contracted group rates will there be an additional charge? A: No, contracted groups will be protected based on their contract terms. 17. Q: Will contacted groups receive this additional charge when selecting the beverage package? A: New contracted groups will receive the additional charge when selecting the beverage package 18. Q: Will the beverage perk price be increased during extra sales like The BIG Deal? A: Yes, there will be an increase if the guest chooses the beverage package as a perk. 19. Q: If there is a double name change to a group booking with a beverage promo, will the beverage perk charge be applied? A: Yes the beverage perk charge will apply to group bookings that select a beverage perk, if there is a double name change. 20. Q: Will NET rates receive the Beverage Package Perk? A: No, NET rates will not be eligible to receive perks. 21. Q: If a guest upgrades to a Suite via the Move Up upgrade bidding program, will there be a Beverage Perk charge? A: Guests who upgrade to a Suite via the Move Up bidding process do not receive the 4-Perk Suite offer but rather will retain the perks they originally chose with their booking. 22. Q: Will pricing change with currency fluctuations? A: The exchange rates may be periodically updated, same as today. 23. Q: How does this affect Zenith loyalty members? A: Zenith members receive a complimentary Premium Beverage Package as part of their tier benefits. Therefore, we recommend Zenith members choose another perk and obtain their beverage package benefit onboard. 24. Q: If a Ship and Sail date on a “Future Cruise” booking is changed after October 10, 2019 and the guest has chosen a Beverage Package as an amenity, will the guest will be charged the $14.00 per person per day, Beverage Package Perk charge on the new booking? A: Yes, if the guest has chosen a Beverage Package perk as an amenity, the Beverage Package Perk charge will be added to the new ship and sail date.
  11. Ship: Edge Length of Cruise: 7 nights Cruise Sail Date: December 1, 2019 Date email offer received: October 2, 2019 Captain’s Club Tier: Classic Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: US-based online TA Current Cabin: Cat. 11 Deluxe Inside Bid? Yes/No: No General Comments (offer details, etc.): I didn't plan on bidding, unless I got an incredibly good offer, but that's not really Celebrity's point of MoveUp, right? Available bid offers per person are: -Oceanview $200-600 -Deluxe Oceanview with Veranda $350-750 -Edge Stateroom with IV $400-800 -Concierge Class with IV $450-850 -AquaClass with IV $600-1200 No SV and Suite offers.
  12. Feel free to wait - but my link is to the official Celebrity info site for travel agents. Check the URL - www.rccl.com . Also, it doesn't start until October 3 (or October 10), so clearly they wouldn't post it on the "public" site before that date.
  13. It actually is true this time. According to Celebrity's October promotion starting on October 3, the fare increase with the beverage perk already starts at that point, ie. October 3: "Each of the first two guests in a qualifying inside, ocean view, veranda, Concierge Class, or AquaClass stateroom are eligible to receive two amenities with the choice of a “Two Perks Included” rate: Classic Beverage Package, Unlimited Internet Package, $150 per person onboard credit (“OBC”), or Prepaid Gratuities. Selecting the Beverage Package Perk will result in an increase to the price of cruise fare; amount varies by length of sailing." http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/CEL_October_Offer_OBC_Plus_KidsSailFree_Non_Editable.pdf They might have chosen to wait a week with the implementation, ie. until October 10, to let this drastic change settle with TAs etc. On the "bright side", when booking in October, most sailings give you an additional 200$ OBC (400$ for Suites), which for 7-day cruises almost exactly zeros out the additional beverage package upcharge (given that it's 14$pp per day). Again, probably an incentive from CC to "hide"/camouflage the upcharge. "Oh, I receive 200$ OBC extra", instead of "Oh, it's just to zero out a new upcharge".
  14. Yes, in the Move Up stickied thread:
  15. I'm quite sure that a repricing of an already booked stateroom doesn't "release" the stateroom during the repricing. Ie. you would keep the stateroom assignment (if not a guarantee stateroom), guest info, reservation# and so on.
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