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  1. September in Denmark is a tricky one when it comes to the weather. This past September, we had days with very light clouds and nearing 20C, and other days with moderate rain throughout the day and 13-15C. So prepare for heavy shifts in the weather, even with one or two days, and check the local 7-day forecast before you leave the US, so you can be just a bit prepared for the "applicable version" of September.
  2. You should be able to have the cruise repriced, and after final payment the difference would be awarded as non-refundable onboard credit, as far as I am aware.
  3. This promotion seems to include up to 20% savings on almost all future cruises, except Galapagos: https://www.celebritycruises.com/promo-controller?contentPromotionId=promotion-170 May definitely be worth to check if your cruise/category/price category is included. Another thread here:
  4. The official "promotion" page is here: https://www.celebritycruises.com/promo-controller?contentPromotionId=promotion-170 - 298 sailings included at the moment, which sounds pretty much like all future sailings, except Galapagos. I expect several users on the board to be able to fetch substantial savings with this promotion.
  5. https://pages.email.celebritycruises.com/EarnPointsSurvey This link seems to work for all surveys, it always redirects to the current survey.
  6. If you use the "Inspect Element" function in your browser, the checkmark icon returns a code including the text "GuestTBD", which I reckon means "guest to be determined". In other words, it seems to be an internal code for a non-confirmed passenger, ie. the passenger can be changed up until final payment (which I believe is actually a possibility). Why it shows a visible icon to the end user, I have no idea. It could be interesting to see if the checkmark also shows for passengers 3 and 4 in a family stateroom, which I guess it would be. AFAIK, all passengers in a stateroom, except the "first" passenger (the booking "owner"), can be changed until final payment.
  7. You are not guaranteed that your MoveUp bid will be accepted for both legs, nor that it will be for the same new stateroom category (if you bid on several). Even bids for "coupled" bookings (eg. a family with three staterooms) are not guaranteed to all be upgraded, even if they all put in the same bid and there are enough available staterooms in the higher category. Some say the bid acceptance may have some influence from you Captian's Club status, but I don't think this has ever been proven. Furthermore, you don't get to choose your new stateroom number, and you cannot request a change to the stateroom number after your bid is accepted. In short; No, your B2B are treated as two separate cruises in terms of MoveUp. No guarantees for anything.
  8. Please note that your document has a direct link to cancel your booking, by clicking the "Register here" button (page 2 bottom)! You may want to remove the document and instead copy-paste the text from it.
  9. If your cruise is before October 1, 2021, they have had a 20% off selected shore excursions on most crusies for a couple of weeks now. The promotion ends next Monday.
  10. If I remember correctly (from Edge December 2019), smoothies specifically are not included in the Classic package. They are around $6,50, but that price must be paid in full from your stateroom folio on the Classic package, whereas they are included in the Premium package. I'm sure someone else can confirm, or may even have the beverage package comparison chart bookmarked.
  11. There was a "plug box" on Edge with one Euro/Schuko plug and two US plugs, if I remember correctly. I would almost guarantee its the same on Apex.
  12. The FAQ answers both of your questions: https://www.celebritycruises.com/bid-on-cruise-room-upgrade In short: 1) Bids are per person for the whole cruise. So if you bid $200 and the bid gets accepted, you would be charged $400 for the upgrade. Solo cruises are charged by double occupancy, and staterooms with 3-5 persons are also only charged for the first 2 persons. In other words, no matter the stateroom occupancy, you are charged double your bid, as your bid is per person. 2) No, you keep the perks of your original booking. However, you get the amenities of your new stateroom, eg. Luminae dining and access to The Retreat if you are upgraded to a suite. But not the Premium Beverage Package or Stream Wifi, since these are considered perks and not an amenity (ie. you would keep your Classic BP and Surf Wifi from you AI promotion).
  13. Gene Sloan from The Points Guy is also onboard, and although it's not really live from the ship, he has mentioned that he will do daily updates, and I expect they will be of the usual high TPG article quality with several pictures and detailed text. He may do live updates on his social media, but I don't use any social media in general, so I couldn't tell you for sure. For starters, here is his article from embarkation day yesterday: https://www.thepointsguy.com/news/celebrity-first-cruise-from-us-port/
  14. There are a few asking prices and bid prices in the main MoveUp thread, starting from comment #225:
  15. I just bought the 1-day Single pass for my wife for 39$ + 18% gratuity. I too had to choose a 15-minute slot, but I just chose an interval that would actually suit her, ie. a late-morning slot. I suppose the slot won't really mean anything when onboard, or at the most it would mean the earliest possible admission to the Thermal Suite.
  16. Interesting, I had understood that Edge and Apex came first, then gradually the other ships. Perhaps the new version is now used for all 2022 (and perhaps 2023) sailings and the old version for 2021 sailings. Nonetheless, there still doesn't seem to be a print option in the new Cruise Planner, so printing the confirmation e-mails may have to do for the time being.
  17. I don't recall prices for 7-day passes, but if I'm not wrong, a Single 1-day pass on our December 2019 Edge cruise was around 50-70$, where as it's now 39$ on this cruise. May be an non-advertised promotion for a limited time. I did see that Celebrity has an offer for our cruise, "buy 3 excursions, get 25% off the cheapest", so they may run other non-advertised promotions as well.
  18. That is the old Cruise Planner, which is still used for some sailings. It seems there is no print option in the new cruise planner, which is gradually rolled out for all cruises, however, AFAIK currently only in use for 2022 Edge and Apex sailings, but it may have been introduced to more ships since I last looked into it. Yes, that's definitely a good alternative for the time being. The confirmation e-mail shows both the price, the date/time and the excursion name.
  19. I am on the same sailing, an can confirm that I have the same price options; 119$ for 7-day Single pass and 199$ for a 7-day Couple pass.
  20. It does indeed appear that you can no longer print the calendar, at least not "officially". Would you care to make a screenshot of where this option is located? Like @Treacher1, I'm not able to locate a "Print" option anywhere in the new Cruise Planner.
  21. There is a live thread here:
  22. As a non-American, is this ruling directly connected to the cruises lines not being allowed to ask for Covid passports? I thought the covid passport requirement was a cruise line requirement, not a CDC requirement? Thanks in advance.
  23. You're welcome. I definitely found the old Cruise Planner to be easier and better to use. In the new one, for example, you can't sort excursions/dining/packages etc. by price, they're just shown seemingly randomly. I guess it'll take some getting used to.
  24. There should be a Calendar icon top right, next to the "shopping cart button.
  25. 4 points added for me within the last two days as well.
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