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  1. It's just always more expensive and can cover less depending on circumstances. Example, when I booked my flight for my recent cruise through Delta, it was $70 for the trip insurance through Delta, which only covers the flight and time in Orlando (since it was a domestic flight, the insurance offered was only domestic). Bought a Travel Guard plan through Costco and it was about $40 for the whole trip which would include all phases - flight, overnight stay in Orlando, and the cruise itself. Also the coverage was a lot more, I don't remember exact numbers but the plan Delta was offering was something like $50k of medical coverage while the one I ended up getting was $150k or something. Since I booked through a TA I didn't get to see what coverages Carnival was offering. I mean, either way you go, for the peace of mind, $70 is not bad. But $40 is better 🙂
  2. As far as law enforcement (TSA, CBP, even local cops) goes, generally speaking, if you are transporting any drug with a DEA schedule you should always take copies of your scripts or bottles with you. Law enforcement won't care about your blood pressure pills, but if you get pulled over by a local cop with a chip on their shoulder who wants to search your car, and they find Vicodin without the script or the bottle, they can theoretically arrest you and cause a big mess until your doctor faxes over a copy of the script or whatever.
  3. You can buy it the day before you travel if you want! Be aware that there are several waivers (like pre-existing condition waivers) that usually do not get added to the policy unless you buy it soon after you make the first booking for your trip. Each insurer and policy differs so be sure to read the fine print. And yes, do not buy through the cruise line or the airline or anything. Buy through a third party insurer. If you have a Costco membership, their vendor usually offers the best rate in my experience.
  4. Mine was messing up but I inspected the traffic and found that some requests were erroring because the Cookie header was too long for the server to parse. Clearing my cookies for carnival.com and logging back in ended up working.
  5. Hey now, don't give them any ideas...
  6. If it's like most other ships with Ku band services, the whole ship will have about a 20Mbps downlink for everyone to share. Actual speeds will vary by atmospheric conditions, location, how many other ships are sharing the satellite's spot beam at the time, etc.
  7. If you are using the tap water, it won't be a problem - just set out a cup of it in the morning to let it off-gas the chlorines/chloramines for a few hours before you put it in your reservoir. While it won't kill you, they tend to be fairly unpleasant to breathe in all night 🙂 After you get home, clean out the reservoir with some white vinegar to remove any mineral buildup and you should be fine.
  8. The only correct answer to this question is "read your policy". Generally speaking you only need to notify them if you're making a claim, then they will ask for documentation about when things happened. Hope you get to feeling better!
  9. Looks like a outside door status panel
  10. We are going on this itinerary in September, thanks for the detailed review! It's got me really excited about the trip! Just wondering, did you ever feel unsafe in Nassau? There's the whole travel advisory thing that's been going on for a few years. Last time I was in Nassau was before all that in 2006, so just curious to see if things have gotten a lot worse since then?
  11. Going on the Liberty in September! Would also like to hear what other tips people have! Some Liberty/Conquest class-specific things I've found already are: check out the "secret" decks towards the bow of the ship especially at sail-away the area above the Lido deck dining area with the BBQ restaurant is a nice quieter spot to hang out on embarkation day bring a non-surge protected power strip as the cabin only has one 120V NEMA 5-15 outlet. If you have power bricks that are full range compatible (i.e. can take 220V power) you can bring a plug adapter and have a second plug available.
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