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  1. Would love too but not our intention at the moment
  2. Onboard now and have seen none of the issues others have reported so far. The ex children areas look really good and they now have bud light and Stella on draft too. Galaxy has lost some of its' quirkiness as has the nightclub. Casino now smells good unlike our shower. Rooms now have usb X 4 in our balcony although my one does not work. New Local eatery still has to be tested but has a few new editions in the menu and the games room is gone to make room. All in all quite impressed so far but I won't mention that large screen!!! Had the wrong names on our welcome letter so we're still waiting for our wine and annoyingly or luggage as they don't think we are in this room
  3. Yeah, true, there were a few cosmetic issues too, but they didn't bother me too much - was my first time sailing on NCL and going from the biggest cruise liner in the world down to the smallest in NCL, I much preferred it
  4. I loved the ship as she was so hope it has not been spoiled. Only issues we saw in August last year were the smell midship and our shower not draining
  5. Been like that since we were last on the Spirit in August last year I believe - never saw the carafes at all or the cork screws TBH, but the bottles were always brought out and opened in front of us. This didn't go so well for the couple next to us who ordered very expensive champagne, which when opened hit the roof and they ended up wearing a fair amount of it. We were drinking by the glass on the UDP so did not have bottles included although as we drank at least one anyway, they should just have left it.
  6. Agreed!! Hated walking through that to the night club
  7. Are they accepting more than one Cruise next voucher on these at the moment?
  8. They hadn't in November at least .... we had 3 I think in ours
  9. Great pics thanks - sailed on her in the Baltics in August 19 and loved the Spirit and was really worried that they would ruin it, but still looks good. I loved Henry's Bar and the Galaxy Out of interest to the OP - how did you manage to get water onboard and your minibar emptied (guess you just asked) and do you know why the Itinerary changed late on to avoid Greece and 3 days shorter? I will be getting on the day you get off in Dubai Enjoy bluesea777
  10. Definitely not worth it IMO - the UDP covered everything for me bar bottled water and I actually prefer Italian to French bubbles - you shouldn't have to, but you can work around the lack of bottled water by getting water at the bars and filling your own bottles. I also do not drink coffee
  11. We are on the similar cruise starting Aug 22nd, but is 15 days and does not start in Copenhagen. From the comments above, agree about StP and we have found several companies doing tours at half the price that NCL are offering - just search around. We have not chosen which one to do yet My question is about Copenhagen - how do we know which terminal we will be on - is it always the same for NCL or do they move about? Most posts I have seen seem to suggest Oceankaj, but cannot see anything definite. Cheers
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