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  1. Thanks. I’m sure they viewed the partnership with/James Sucking branding as a business opp to increase beverage revenue. I agree. I know some of his suggested wines. Many are good wines, but not as good as their price tags warrant.
  2. I love HAL and am a big fan, but we have to remember it's a business. Wine is going to cost more than at your local wine shop while on board. You can bring your own always and pay for corkage. I recommend folks get a Sommelier wine package, especially if you are a 3-5 star Mariner where you get a great discount. It's cheaper than ordering by glass. I think it's important to focus on you experience and enjoy the cruise as much as you can, but sometimes you just need to enjoy and not overthink the wine cost. That's not realistic for everyone, and that's perfectly ok. They do includ
  3. I think the hours are similar to Cunard's from what I remember. I'm about to get an another HAL cruise Sunday, and I can check back in and let you know. I think they have hours like that so Spa employees can end their day, as they work every single day.
  4. I just pray these funds are not a veil for building tacky water slides and water parks like some other cruise lines have recently done. I liked the tendering and seeing the ship from the shore. Hope the pier is a bit hidden from the gorgeous beach. I love Half Moon Cay as it is now. There is beauty in simplicity. I am worried about the devastation to thus island and all of the Bahamas as Dorian slowly moves. Hope everyone will be safe.
  5. I was way off in the estimated dollar value of the art on board Nieuw Statendam. It’s estimated at over $4.1 Million USD.
  6. I believe I found it. I'm leaving this here for anyone else that may need it. The phone number is a bit hidden on the site. 24/7 Flight Ease support 1-877-932-4259
  7. Hi, cruisers. Does anyone have a phone number for HAL's Flight Ease service? I purchased my flights a while ago for my cruise to Norway that leaves a week from today. I am supposed to fly to and out of Orlando. I'm in Atlanta. I'm worried about the Dorian impact on my flights which leave this Thursday. I'd like to call and check to see if I can make any changes. This hurricane looks like it will wreak havoc on flights and airports. I hope everyone in its path and wind area/surge/rain areas will be safe. Thanks for any guidance.
  8. Do they give these out at the Mariner lunches? I've never been able to attend these, but I am hoping to do so on my cruise next week to Norway.
  9. On Pinnacle Class ships you do the drill in several public areas of the ship (dining room, theater, etc) depending on where your muster station is. There is no muster drill outside. I am not sure about the smaller ships. I cannot remember how it was on the Eurodam 2 years ago. The Veendam 4 years ago mustered on deck.
  10. I don't believe the cruise director was correct in saying all the art on board was for sale. The art in the Art Gallery is for sale, but not all the incredible art that was commissioned and/or selected especially for the decor of the Nieuw Statendam. That's a permanent collection. I would suggest that they do indeed have an art tour or a podcast. I understand that the art on board is worth over 1 million USD. HAL finally ended the art auctions, too (art in the art gallery). The art is great, and much of it is of course music themed.
  11. Yes, indeed. People get very creative on their door decorations.
  12. I just want to say I LOVE Holland America. They are my favorite cruise company other than Cunard.
  13. Update there is no segregated men's steam rooms. Only dry Finnish saunas. If you get a spa pass you can access the communal steam rooms. They also have a sauna in the paid spa area, but its coed.
  14. I know the pinnacle class all have men and women's sauna's one the port side of deck 9 (Panorama deck) forward in the spa area. These are beautiful with a huge floor to ceiling window right in the sauna. I loved the sauna on the Nieuw Statendam, but I only discovered on day 3. I went every day after that and enjoyed socializing and sweating. I love having the segregated saunas. They have showers in the sauna and a cold bucket shower, too. Bring water/water bottle, as there is now fountain in there. Towels are provided. Enjoy. I've heard that the Vista Class sips also have saunas as w
  15. Hello, fellow cruisers. I’m an avid cruiser and have gone on many Holland America cruises. I feel like I should know the answer to this question as 3-Star Mariner, but I do not. Do passengers receive cruise day credits towards Mariner Society status when purchasing official HAL shore excursions, spa bookings, packages, etc. in advance of their cruise (not while on board).? I purchased over $700 in excursions for an upcoming cruise, so in theory that should translate to getting credit for 2 cruise days towards my Mariner status, correct? I know you get credit for on board purchases. Th
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