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  1. Oh Lord, I see my thread has been revived. I haven't posted on here since we went on our cruise in March. I gotta say, we were pretty disappointed with about 70% of our interactions with the staff on NCL Pearl. Many seemed like they weren't motivated to work nor were they personable at all. I understand that there are big cultural differences, so I totally get that some may be timid due to English being their 2nd language and they aren't going to be smiley and peppy like what I'd expect from an American server/bartender. But half of the time it took 15-30 minutes to get a drink at the
  2. Hello all, first time cruiser here! We'll be on the Pearl from Mar 6-10. I have been scouring these message boards and finding lots of information! One thing I've seen mentioned multiple times is that we have the option to remove the gratuity charges from our credit card that we made the reservation with. We would prefer to tip with cash. Even if we aren't able to remove the gratuities from the credit card, we'll still tip with cash while on the ship because that is just how we are. We are very appreciative of those in the service industry and we'd rather put cash in their hand instead o
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