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  1. I would choose the one way itinerary to or from Vancouver over a round trip from Seattle for sure. I've done both Royal (Radiance) and Princess (Star) and enjoyed both. The Princess ship was more dated and the theater shows were terrible, but they did have a park ranger and a naturalist which was cool, and Glacier Bay which was great. And don't book a group land tour- rent a car and do it yourself!
  2. I'll trade you. We're on the July 4 cruise and I'm not happy about it! Trying to decide if we should find another date (if there are still cabins open) or cancel and rebook on a different cruise line with slightly different stops (Kristiansand instead of Olden). Either way I have to cancel all the hotel rooms and I'm out the cost of the insurance for that trip. At least I can say "I told you so" - I knew there was something weird about it disappearing from the website a few months ago!
  3. Thanks everyone, I feel better. I usually sail with Royal Caribbean, and when a sailing disappears from the website an email with "there has been a change to our schedule affecting your itinerary" soon follows!
  4. Just noticed our Iona cruise for July 4-11, 2020 disappeared from the website. The travel agent says it is sold out. Yet every other week that summer is available. It makes me nervous the ship has a big group onboard or has been chartered...anyone know anything? Seems odd that a British ship would sell out on a US holiday! I tried googling but nothing came up. Thanks!
  5. Can anyone recommend a company that provides transportation from the port (Frihamnen) to Arlanda airport? We'll be on a tight schedule trying to make a flight at the end of our cruise. Not our fault, the airline moved our 3 pm flight up to 11:20 AM. I know I can book a taxi in advance, but not sure what time to tell them to come and not sure they would wait for us if the driver doesn't see us right away or we're stuck in customs- too many other easy fares for them to pick up! So I was thinking maybe a limo company or something like that would be a better option? Thanks!
  6. No flights although I bet they would arrange that if you asked. I typically use air miles and fly in a few days in advance, so I book flights myself. I also don't mind a bit more formal atmosphere. I'm all for being comfortable, but seriously dude- would it kill you to put on a polo shirt for dinner?
  7. Beginning of July. There's a fine for taking kids out of school?! Schools in our part of the US finish in May.
  8. I'm not worried about it, they have a kid's club so obviously families are welcome! With it being a new ship it should attract a range of ages. And I saw this: http://www.travelweekly.co.uk/articles/325265/iona-attracts-younger-passengers-to-po-cruises
  9. I was on a fjords cruise as well and really looking forward to it. Royal isn't offering one now so I rebooked on a P&O ship - better price, brand new ship, and an aft balcony so it all worked out! P&O is new for me but looking forward to trying it out! I'm from the US and Royal never offers us drinks packages:(
  10. Thank you all! I booked a 7 night fjord cruise on the Iona, our first aft balcony. I'm very excited!
  11. Thanks for the replies! The other option is Crown Princess. It's almost $2000 more for one extra night, and there are so many open cabins right now that I am concerned they may cancel the sailing, especially since Iona would be more attractive to most people sailing from the UK.
  12. Hi- can you all help me decide if P&O is a good fit? I am a US citizen looking at booking my first P&O cruise after Royal Caribbean canceled my Independence sailing next summer.I looked at Crown Princess but there are so many cabins available on their 8 night fjords cruise I'm afraid they'll cancel that too. I would be looking at the new P&O Iona. I'm a bit nervous as I don't know much about the line. I want to avoid a "party" atmosphere like the US line Carnival and to a lesser extent Norwegian. But Cunard sounds too formal. I travel with my 7 year old- so smoke-free areas, decent entertainment before 10 pm, and healthier food options are a plus. I lived in London for 2 years and am happy to be in a "British" atmosphere - I would love to move back!
  13. Honestly never occurred to me to check P&O- coming from the US it's not a line I'm familiar with (although I've seen their ships in port). Looks like a decent replacement option though. Think the Iona would be fairly similar to Royal Caribbean? We've also done some Princess and Disney cruises we liked. Not a fan of Norwegian or Carnival (sorry!).
  14. Just got my email canceling Independence of the Seas- and I had such a great deal because I booked early on Black Friday 😞 Wish they would honor your original booking sale/deal. We were booked to Norway, not sure why they suggested Anthem to Spain as a replacement? Any opinions on Jewel to the Arctic Circle? What's a good price? Right now the price is crazy (to me) and it's a smaller older ship, definitely not my first choice, but I really want to see Norway! The other option is jumping ship (haha) to Crown Princess which is still more for 7 nights than my original 9 night trip on Indy, but cheaper than Jewel.
  15. I'm on that same ship/same flight in July- so I'll be racing to the airport with you! I did have a 3 PM but BA canceled it. Planning to check in on my phone while waiting to get off the ship and arrange a taxi to the airport to be waiting for us when we disembark (haven't done that yet, too far in advance). Hoping to carry our luggage off at 8AM but it's me and a 7 year old so we'll see how that goes. Depending on what happens with Brexit by then we may encounter more passport control issues (well at least I will, US citizen). If we miss it the next flight after that is around 8 pm I think.
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