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  1. Thanks for your feedback. BTW, I have previously googled for a taxi companies and looked on Explore Fairbanks which seems to list mostly tour companies. The Yelp reviews for the taxi companies are pretty negative (not showing up, overcharging, etc.) which is why I was asking if anyone has any recommendations for companies they’ve used, perhaps on a previous trip? I understand that Uber and Lyft are available in the Fairbanks area and I have even done “test” trips on the app to check prices and timing, but since the Running Reindeer Ranch e-mail specifically stated that Uber and Lyft have not been reliable in taking customers to their location, I wanted to know if anyone has used them recently and had any feedback. The e-mail is from when I made my reservation last September so I’m not sure if anything has changed since then. I read a post from a while back that there were very few rideshare drivers in Fairbanks so if anyone knows what the current situation is, I would appreciate any information. I assume that most people living in Fairbanks have their own cars so unless the tourist crowd is making use of Uber/Lyft, I’m not sure how much demand for it there really is? I’m willing to roll the dice for other locations, but since we have reservations for Running Reindeer Ranch, I definitely want to make sure we get there on time (which means not dealing with drivers deciding that driving out to that location is too far and canceling the trip - this has happened to me multiple times before). The nice thing about Hampton’s was that they had a set rate to go to Running Reindeer Ranch from Fairbanks which was listed on their website. I guess the other option is if anyone’s scheduled to go Running Reindeer Ranch on 8/24 and is OK bringing 3 extra people, I’m willing pay for a ride there and back! 😆
  2. I’m going to be in Fairbanks 8/24-8/25 as part of a cruise tour but I opted for the do it yourself version. There are 3 of us and we don’t drive so renting a car is not an option. We have reservations for Running Reindeer Ranch on 8/24 and they recommended getting there using either Hampton’s Tours and Transports (just found out they’re out of business via Yelp - the website is still up) or Air Link Shuttle. Due to the DIY version of our trip, I have no idea where we’ll be in Fairbanks before we head out to RR Ranch which is why I thought booking through Hampton’s would be better than Air Link which seems to be more of a shuttle service (plus Hampton’s has their prices posted which was helpful). I was planning on calling about a hour before pick up to let the cab company know where to pick us up from. Can anyone speak to the reliability of Uber/Lyft in Fairbanks (RR Ranch’s e-mail said they’re not reliable but this was from about a year ago) or recommend any taxi services?
  3. It’s too bad your tablemates did not show up to dinner! 😢 I’ve really been enjoying your live and am sad it’s almost over. I will have to follow you on the next cruise to see if you end up using up the coffee card! 😄
  4. It’s in the patters ~*Lou*~ posted: 12-1:30 in Bordeaux on deck 5. Looks like the other food options start at 11:30.
  5. Nice video! Did you enjoy the zip line? Also, that foneleash looks super handy!
  6. Wow, great pics! 😍 You really lucked out on seeing them!
  7. I did a little detective work and looked through the pictures on this site (https://skagwayshoretours.com/tour/glacier-point-wilderness-safari/) and there appear to be people wearing backpacks. Some people in the reviews also said to pack a change of socks and a snack so it seems like you can probably take a backpack.
  8. ~*Lou*~ posted the patters! I’m just linking so everything is in the same place if someone comes looking later.
  9. My understanding is that the Royal hasn’t been cleared to do the Inside Passage route due to its size and is actually going west of Vancouver Island, so if that portion of scenic passage sailing is important to you, you might want to consider the Island. I read on another thread that they’re trying to get it cleared for later this summer but whether that will happen or not is up in the air.
  10. This is the first year they’re doing it but there are two threads on it. Hope that helps in your decision-making! I signed up for it on my cruise, but I’m not going until the end of August.
  11. Yay, glad you’re back and happy to be reading your post! Your pre-cruise sounds pretty interesting! Hope the kids were thrilled with all the animals you got to see. Looking forward to pictures and patters!😁
  12. This question was already answered (it’s the same) but I am doing a one way cruise, not a B2B and got info about the menu order for the opposite direction. I figured since geoherb is doing a B2B they would be in a position to know. Also, in case I do a B2B in the future, I just wanted to know for planning purposes. 😑 Anyway, geoherb, still following along and enjoying your Live! Dinner sounded delicious. Good luck with trivia!
  13. I just realized we’re still missing dessert menus! If anyone would like to contribute those, it would be most appreciated. 🙂 I believe they should be the same as the Royal’s but we’re missing nights 1-2, and 7 from that report. Also, does anyone know when they do the Baked Alaska parade? I noted down the last night from a trip report from last year. That’s only in the MDR, right?
  14. Thank you for all the info! I’m enjoying your Live!
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