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  1. We’re booked on the Freedom on 10/11/20; but we’re going to reschedule that for June 29, 2021 to Alaska (on the freedom) same price and we’ll maintain the $600 OBC. stinks..but it is what it is; and by JULY 21; hopefully we’ll be cruising again hah
  2. October 11th; on the Freedom out of Galveston..and we can’t wait! It’s going to be our “Golden” Cruise...which was supposed to be on the Panorama on 3/14...then on the Inspiration on 4/5...haha. $800 OBC roll-up doesn’t hurt either 😄
  3. Cruise: Panorama 3/14-3/21/20 applied for the refund on 3/11. received it yesterday, 5/8/20
  4. +1 Were not HUGE drinkers (probably two cocktails a day each); which we can EASILY get free in the casino, while playing a $20 anyway. For reference: we’ve only gotten the “free drinks” in the casino once, and “earned” it once.
  5. Station casinos are also affiliated with Princess; if you make a certain tier or above; they give you a free 7 day cruise as a “perk”
  6. What about if you paid for some portion of the cruise with a gift card? (which the actual gift card is long gone)
  7. Only that cruise? we have a 4/10 cruise on the Inspiration, but no word on cancellations yet?
  8. I bought the other day at $9.20; 100 shares..we’ll see what happens!
  9. We have a cruise booked for 4/10-4/13 that was $600 out of pocket with a $500 OBC..(plus the $100 extra for not cancelling)...were hoping it sails; because we’d hate to lose out on the $500 OBC.
  10. We’re booked on the Inspiration 4/10-4/13...not looking good for it.. the shitty part is; we paid $650 for it and have $500 OBC (casino offer)..I DOUBT we’ll get to have that $500 OBC casino offer transferred 😞
  11. So; this: Looks like they transferred over the taxes/fees and the gratuities; however the forced me to pay the $198 deposit on this new cruise booking, and they haven’t said anything about any FCC...but I’m GUESSING they’ll give me a FCC of $2008; which would then be applied to my new cruise fair of $1408 ($1606 minus the $198 they made me pay); which would cause me $600 overage; which they said maxes out with $500 OBC; so I’d forefit $100
  12. So we just cancelled our 3/14 sailing of the Panorama. what a nightmare..my wife is doing it; but it sounds like we got really screwed. instead of sailing with a $200 OBC for this cruise (already paying $2436 all in for cruise + tax/fees + grats) we moved it to 3/17/21; and now OWE $198 more! Even though the booking details show this new booking being $400 LESS. i really wish my wife wouldn’t have jumped the gun; technically we’re losing out on $200 OBC + paying extra $198...hell $400 would have bought her four extra days off work if we WERE to be quarantined, haha
  13. Ok; I was just confused by the AND portion...because it says: ”you can rebook your cruise AND get a FCC for the non-refundable”. so the better play, monetarily, would be to take the cruise with the $200 added OBC.
  14. Question for anyone who’s cancelled with this new COVID policy.. Our Cruise is on the Panorama starting 3/14... If we cancel now; it says we can rebook and get a FCC for the non-refundable cancellation fee... Im taking this to mean: I can rebook the same cruise for March 2021, PLUS they’ll give me a FCC voucher for $2400 (amount I paid in full for this cruise) Anyone know if I’m reading that correctly?? So Id literally be getting the same cruise next year PLUS a free one?
  15. I agree with getting the hotel room; as the first day is a Sea Day anyway; carnival would probably have no problem delaying embarkation until tommorow, as all they’d lose is that sea day..
  16. Yup! That $200 will be a nice little bonus. I ride BART daily, so I’m not scared of CoronaVirus haha
  17. Man if you get up at 6am on VACATION; what time do you get up when not on vacation?? 😛
  18. As far as cheers, I believe 15 drinks means 15 drinks; soda or booze, it all counts.
  19. Looks like you’re having a good time! We’re on that boat in 12 days!
  20. Haha the first time I seen a six-toed Cat was at Lety’s
  21. You’ll be perfectly fine. when you come out of the little “port area” (surrounded by the high wall) make a LEFT, and continue on along the street...all the way until the very end..then keep going (down a dirt road), and you’ll come to a little Shanty shack...give them $2 USD per person (this is the water taxi across the channel to “Stone Island”) once across, walk straight and you’ll come over a small hill to the beach. any of the places along it are good.
  22. So my question is; we have 22 nights under our belt so far, and we’re sailing on the Panorama next month. Our 25th night falls mid way throufh the cruise (7 night cruise); will our Sail & Sign be a Gold card, when we pick it up on Day 1? Or will it still be red until our NEXT cruise. Thanks!
  23. I earned this on our trip to Alaska (from playing that trip) and there was no limit I could find. (Although I didn’t ask for real high end stuff either; just island drinks and whiskey rocks)
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