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  1. So my question is; we have 22 nights under our belt so far, and we’re sailing on the Panorama next month. Our 25th night falls mid way throufh the cruise (7 night cruise); will our Sail & Sign be a Gold card, when we pick it up on Day 1? Or will it still be red until our NEXT cruise. Thanks!
  2. I earned this on our trip to Alaska (from playing that trip) and there was no limit I could find. (Although I didn’t ask for real high end stuff either; just island drinks and whiskey rocks)
  3. I never had any trouble on carnival bringing a bigger fan (about 14” diameter”) box fan (desk fan)... however on Princess in San Pedro the yellow vests threw a FIT! said I MIGHT be able to get it back (I need air circulation/white noise to sleep) got on the ship and went to security desk, they LAUGHED and said “the yellow vests aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed”, and promptly gave me my fan back. but carnival, no never any problems at all.
  4. Unfortunately you lost out on about $15k because of said table max payout 😞
  5. Here are the MDR menus while we were about the Royal Princess 2019 Thanksgiving week, for a Mexican Riviera Cruise. (sorry I missed the first night and one other night)
  6. Nice post! i have the same info from the Royal Princess thanksgiving week 2019; I’ll make a separate post.
  7. No, I’ve lost every nickle I’ve gambled in every cruise I’ve been on. im not bitter; I know it’s a losing proposition. i get a kick out of it though; the video poker pay tables are the lowest possible settings allowed by the manufacturer (6/5 - full house/flush)...so I can only assume the slots are also set to the lowest possible payback allowed by the manufacturer (~80% RTP) the table games are similar..6:5 BJ, lowest payouts on the Carnival Games; Double Odds at dice. Strangely enough, on my most recent Royal Princess Cruise, they had two Video BJ games..that were $3 minimum-$200 maximum, and they paid 3:2 BJ, and double any two cards, etc..this game is by FAR the best game I’ve ever seen in a cruise ship..I played it exclusively.
  8. Nice! but damn..the trips pay schedule is the worst I’ve EVER seen (7/6/5)..previously when CCL has UTH, they had the one of the best (8/6/5)..but alas they sold out to the game that never lasted in land based casinos (Texas Hold Em & Fold Em)
  9. Thank you for your reply; I also read your previous thread..it’s a tough toss up now considering with NA you get access to BOTH properties (NA & Secrets); but the Marriot looks like it might be a better deal at ~$35 a person (we really don’t drink alcohol).
  10. I will definitely follow up. (Going to do a Live Trip Report in two weeks) I got the tip from @Sheebah Its a literal 5 minute taxi ride from the ship.
  11. Sorry; I thought Now Amber for Mexican Riveira sub-forum would have been fine. I apologize if I broke rules; just thought I’d help someone by them not having to make the call to find out the price (it’s not posted ANYWHERE online)
  12. So I just called Now Amber.. $75 for each adult for a day pass (this is for middle of November 2019) All-Inclusive Lady on the phone said 11am-7pm..but I’m curious if they just mean “8 hours” (IE: you could come at 9am-5pm) I’ll report back after we go in two weeks; but I thought I’d post this for anyone curious.
  13. We’ll be on that same cruise and we’re definitely doing stone island and day passes at Now Amber (Thanks Sherry)
  14. It’ll be an hour different. we went last year for spring break and we’re going on the panorama with you on 3/14. ship time will be 1 hour different then port time in Mazatlan/PV
  15. Ahh ok, we’re in NorCal but have played at Rincon too..didn’t know they had Princess as an offering (usually CET goes with NCL) what is the slot selection like on Royal Princess? Any Top Dollar or Pinball?
  16. Nice review! i think we got the same casino offer as you (stations?) however when I called to upgrade to balcony they quoted me that price and I told them they were crazy (as if you look online the price difference from IB to BA is only $140pp) fast forward to last week; I get an email directly from Princess, offering upgrade to BA for $140pp...of course we took it. we set sail over thanksgiving. did you notice if they had Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em in the casino, or had it already been switched over to the new Texas Hold ‘em Fold ‘em game? (A garbage game that didn’t make it in actual casinos, so Carnival Corp decided to sign an exclusive contract)
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