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  1. What flavors are offered with this package? My kids dont drink to may flavors of soda---if there lemonade , seltzer, punch or water included with this?
  2. Hello-Can you just walk in to one of the premium dining options for dinner or do you need to have a reservation? Can you just pay there if you didn't prepay and buy plan ahead of time? Which restaurants are open for lunch? Trying to figure out what to do on the first day-Thanks
  3. We will be on allure in Fort Lauderdale
  4. I was only able to get a 9:05am flight home---will I make it off the ship on time and be able to make this flight at Fort Lauderdale airport?
  5. Hello, Does anyone have a copy of the daily activities offered that they could send? Just want to see whats offered so I can show my kids-Thanks
  6. Hello- Should I rent a cabana and what would be best spot? It will be us and our 3 children-9yrs,9yrs and 12 yrs. Are there lounge chairs available to sit on or a cabana would be best---also not sure what location would be best---any advice would be helpful! Thanks
  7. I wanted to book through royal Caribbean but they only had 4 spots left but there is 5 in our party. Has anyone booked through an outside tour company or coral world itself? I really want to do this and so bummed its already sold out through the cruise line. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Our cruise is Feb 2020. Also wondering would it be safe for us to just take a car there instead of doing the excursion with ride included? Is there normally traffic or anything we would need to be concerned with to get back to boat on time?
  8. So why are they selling bottle water if water is included? Also a coffee package? Confused---If the above are included I don't think I need a package?
  9. Are there any beverages included? I thought I heard somewhere that water, lemonade and ice tea are included? Is this true? Trying to decide if I need to purchase a beverage package
  10. Hello- I will be traveling with my 3 kids in February---They will be 9 and 12---I am not sure if they will have motion sickness but would like to give them something for a preventative so we don't have to worry about it----Can they wear the patch? Do I have to get from their doctor? Any other suggestions?
  11. How did you know its under a rest room? I would like to take a look-Thanks for your reply
  12. I am booked on the Allure for Feb 2020----I am currently in the early dining but thinking of switching to My time dining and making reservations each night for about 6/6:30 or so instead of 5:15----my questions----what time are the shows---if we do dinner at 6 or 6:30 will we miss the earlier shows? Suggestions/advice on keeping my 5:15 vs MTD and reserving a bit later? I ust don't want to be rush into getting ready and to dinner by 5:15
  13. My daughter will be 12 when we sail on the Allure in February. Can she do the activities with the 9-11 group if she likes what they are doing? Its a hard age and she may still like what the younger group is doing vs the older kids---I heard the 12-14 group isn't much structure or activities as much as the younger one....any help? Thanks so much!!!
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