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  1. What is everyone doing if they have their cruise set for this year? Waiting for RCI to cancel? or canceling before final payment? Canceling after final payment? My cruise is on the Liberty out of Galveston on November 8th. Final payment is due August 10th. I don't know what to do... I do know we definitely are NOT going. Just don't know if I should cancel before the final payment and lose the deposit.
  2. Love your review! I will hopefully be going on my cruise in November and was looking at Mayan Princess Beach Resort. It's an all inclusive. Do you know if they offer a day pass for cruise passengers? I want to spend the day there, not just 2-3 hours.
  3. This is the funniest quote I've heard in a long time!! Thank you for the laugh, I needed it! (And I feel you on the hot flashes!)
  4. Killens looks great. Now I have to pray everything opens up by November. Thank you for the suggestion!
  5. We will have a rental car, so downtown is fine. We don’t want any chains though. something delicious and unique.
  6. Any suggestions for a great Steakhouse for a birthday dinner near Houston Hobby Airport?
  7. I have a deposit down for Maya Chan for November. Such great reviews and I wanted an all inclusive. Having second thoughts because of all the reviews about brown water and seagrass that you cant even enjoy a dip in the ocean. Is the water really that bad??
  8. Sorry to hear that! Hopefully things will change as more people cancel.
  9. I keep checking every day. But I booked mine in January, and it has gone up over $400 for 2 now. I guess Ill just keep hoping and watching... Thank you!
  10. How did you get that savings? You just called and asked for a discount or did the published fares drop? I'm also cruising in Nov but on the Liberty. If I an get an upgrade or a discount I would be very happy! LOL Thanks ahead for the inside scoop!
  11. So they don't actually come to pick you up at the port? You take your own taxi? They pay the taxi when you get there? Or Am I just confused? lol
  12. Was the food offered a buffet? All you can eat? A la carte? Just lunch? Or did they have snacks too? Was it easy to find them at the pick up? Sorry for all the questions, but I think we my book this and I want to compare to Maya Chan. Thank you
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