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  1. HI People. I have posted on here and watched the sites etc and pretty much every time I go on here I have to go on here I have trouble signing in. This has been going on for a long long time but I just keep changing passwords to get on but thought that I should ask here for advice cause it should not happen here more than any other site I am thinking.. what do others say. maybe I need another way to approach this.
  2. Well yesterday I was set not to cancel our cruise in June to Alaka but now I am getting more and more pressure from family and friends to do so. I think from what I have been reading Celebrity will give 100 percent credit refund but the cruise needs to be taken in the next two yeats 2020 or 2021. There is still a risk of things still being up in the air at that time ,with the virus, and even though I have been almost craving this cruise, I don't know if it will be the cruise of my dreams(only our 2nd one ever) if the ship will be filled with paranoia. Also family members mostly on my partner
  3. I have been gloating about getting three perks ( drink pkg, gratuities and obc ) if we have to cancel due to the corona and I for one will hold out til the last minute, will we most likely have to start out from stage one with no credits. We go in June to Alaska so hoping this could be a non issue by then. I guess that is anybodies guess.?
  4. Yes that sounds like a good idea.. just bringing a couple yeti or yeti like tumblers.. got it.. I am not worried about a clean glass cause I will be sure to keep mine clean no matter whether I bring it or they give it to me. .
  5. H there. I was only on one cruise before and the cruise was with Princess. We got the soft drink package and were given a drink mug with a lid we could use on the cruise for our soft drinks.This time on Celebrity we are getting the Classic drink package. I am wondering if anyone know if Celebrity gives you a mug like this?
  6. YES I was told it did include all these perks.
  7. do you get your money back onto your credit card or cash?
  8. I am not sure if this is at all relevant. I just rebooked a cruise from RC to Celebrity to get about the same price and 3 perks. My TA says it is all refundable as they have a group or something like that. I think that it is probably as good as it gets for us but just wanted to make sure. We don't need the internet at all but we have the Classic drink, the gratuities and the 300 dollar OBC and 75 dollar OBC from my TA.. I can cancel anytime til March 16 th or something with no penalty but don't think I will need to.
  9. Thank for that information. Awesome.
  10. Wow then that sounds promising. Thanks.
  11. Awesome. thanks for that story. I feel better now. I think we could be in the same general area... not sure.. oh well . great perks for sure... We could stay up all night long if need be if we have issues.. lol.
  12. Yeah when my daughter had a party after her wedding at her house.My son, friend and I slept together in one room while the party came in with loud music and a barking dog. When they were complaining about it the next day,I am like What ??.. So your girlfriend and myself would be good for those reasons but not so good in a fire.. lol..
  13. We paid 33 dollars each more to go into level 11 instead of level 12. I am not sure if that will be better or not but it was not much of a difference.. Will see on embarkment day..haha that is funny about the 4 am thing. My boyfriend would probably be awake already and I can sleep through a train wreck so we will be good....
  14. We paid 33 dollars each more to go into level 11 instead of level 12. I am not sure if that will be better or not but it was not much of a difference.. Will see on embarkment day..haha
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