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  1. well.. i ahve heard two different responses to this now 😞 hmmmmmm one says OBC will go over once not 😞
  2. ok. so ..we were booked on Magic in March...that obviously got cancelled...we rebooked that for November 14.. After rebooking for November, we bokked another cruise for next Oct. 21 to Bermuda... With me so far?? :-) NOW the November Magic cruise was cancelled also so we can do refund or FCC.. My question is since we already have the Bermuda cruise booked, can we simply move the funds and OBC to that cruise and not rebook a whole other cruise at this time?? Hope i explained that simple enough :-) Thanks in advance for any educated feedback :-)
  3. oh damn. that had to suck. well this wont be a no for sure :-) She is ready haha but i just thought somewhere beautiful and my Friend Guillermo at Sanchos said dude, come here we will set up the whole thing for you!! :-)
  4. Um, no, who said if/when? This is my preferred method as my friend works at Sanchos and he will set up a grand day for us... if we cannot i will have to change dates and ways, but would really like this way.
  5. the excursion thing is a deal breaker for me also. heading to Cozy and want to do Mr. Sanchos! Plan to ask my girl to marry me there if we go
  6. Trust me when i say, i sooo want you to be right on this one, I just dont think you will be :-(. BUT if you are, and I see you on a boat!! We are definitely doing Tequila shots on me!!!;-)
  7. Thats exactly how it is going now, why shouldnt we expect the same here is the true question, and i do unfortunately! 😞
  8. The CDC is correct.. also in there is the ports themselves. I think NOvember wil be long shot. the closer we get the more I think not, as crew must be hired, assembled, then flown in, ship set up, then stores arranged and purchased , then supplies(cleaning, covid tests etc). Long shot the longer they wait. personally i am anti mask as they are not work properly and provide little to no protection, and are actually unsafe. i honestly hope they cancel my Nvember 14 so i can destination to cancun instead!! sad to say as i LOVE cruising. Still have Bermuda 2021 set for October, maybe the stup
  9. again, only issue with that is if carnival goes the way of Costa, only way to get off the ship is on a boat excursion. NO fun side trips! 😞
  10. the only problem with that is that more than likely unless you have a exursion you wont get off the boat so beer and nachos may be missed. 😞
  11. cause it is NOT their decision to make.
  12. Actually, no gamble at all. The 2 resorts i am looking that are open adn ready for business now. NO masks required except for staff
  13. haha indeed. wish it werent. if they are going to, i want it sooner...wanting to go refund route and head to cancun :-) Same dates, NOvember 14
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