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  1. Thanks Beach, but those are from 5 years ago, and I know they no longer carry some of those tequilas based on the BLue Iguana drink menu. but I do appreciate your assistance :-)
  2. Yep, this is exactly why I did it this time!
  3. thx, schazzy, definitely going to Alchemy to do some experimenting :-)
  4. Thanks MDS.. going on Ecstacy no unfortunately no steakhouse this trip :-(
  5. Nothing specific I don't think just wondering the brands. When I want like a vodka and cranberry, wanna be able to specify high end vodka etc. I don't care about prices, just wondering on name brands. I have Cheers :-)
  6. I have seen the drink menus etc, but I cannot find anywhere that shows what brands of liquor Carnival has onboard. The different kinds of rum, vodka, etc etc. I see the tequila on the BLue Iguana, but nothing else. Anyone provide a listing of the brands available for drinks?? Thanks!!
  7. Thanks Sammy!!!!!!!!!!!! WIll be my first non alcoholic drink
  8. Recent cruisers of the Ecstacy or those familiar. Can you confirm the Rolls Royce Café serves milkshakes?? I have Cheers and want to indulge!! I know the coffees etc. Thanks for any info !!
  9. loved this review!!! good to hear about the cocktail service in the MDR since I am going with the Drink package this cruise in 3 weeks! I care about service not a rusty bolt or 2 :-) I know they had snails on our cruise in August so the in season thing may be right who knows. The CD doesn't concern me. hell we had the Rev Dr. E a year ago and I was not impressed. Looking forward to the Ecstacy!! :-)
  10. Of course you can buy a bottle of wine, but it would be in addition to your drink package, although I do believe that you get a discount on that bottle. review your drink package guidelines, it will tell you. as far as getting a table for two, you will need to see the Matre de(spelling) when you arrive on the ship and see if they can accommodate you. Unsure of the FTTF, so Ill let someone else answer that one. Lunch options are plentiful onboard the Magic. Guys, Blue Iguana, if the tandoori is still there, that one, and also Cucino, the Italian place that charges for dinner is free at lunch!! Pizza etc. Trust me you will have numerous options!!
  11. hmmmm... why would you mark your bottle. Sounds like some of this was contrived, but who knows. I am sure Carnival has already replaced you with another cruiser. Bon Voyage :-)
  12. OK, here are the Facts!.......you are on vacation. You will see all kinds of stuff in the MDR.. some amazing, some perfectly suitable, and some nasty!! Are Jeans ok, yes yes.. if they are clean and presentable yes. Are nice shorts and a polo ok, HELL YES, because it is what I wear every evening into the MDR. Khaki shorts and a button down or nice polo!! Always have, always will!!!!! Tell you hubby to pack his jeans or shorts and enjoy the cruise!!!!!!!!!
  13. Question for the OP. Remember what shows were playing ??
  14. Lotta. I know right? But I saw on a description of the ship that it took monies only and didn't know if I was reading something old and outdated or if they had changed! and yummy shakes :-) Thanks for your response :-) Anyone else confirm this??
  15. The self serve laundry...do the machines take s and S card or quarters?? Rolls Royce Café-coffee shop... do they do choc milkshakes? Thanks in advance!!
  16. Yes Yes Yes… I wear them every single night.!!
  17. I sailed Magic last February and it had the best food of any cruise I have been on!!
  18. I will be on her as well that sailing!! First time on RCI!
  19. Shrimp Ceviche is awesome!
  20. ANyone know what the standard taxi rate from International Pier to Sanchos is?? Normally 17 from Puerta maya in Agugust!
  21. LRG.. hahahah, and my sandals are much much nicer than those barely flips he has on hahaha
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