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  1. Hi,Can anyone advise please,going on Baltic cruise may,I know I will have to take layers for daywear but what do I take for nights on the ship,we are on the Columbus,I usually know what evening wear to take but this is a different cruise Do people still dress for dinner at night,or is everyone wrapped up,Please help thanks
  2. I Have spoke to Cruise/Maritime and a lovely Lady as given me a complimentary upgrade to cat 11 on deck 10,so thats good ay,anyone stayed in this cat or deck ?
  3. I have just received my cabin number 9145 this is on the lifeboat deck 9 does that mean we won't be able to see out the window,Has anyone stayed in this cabin or on this deck,? is it likely we will get a upgrade or is this our cabin does anyone know please
  4. Hi, Can anyone tell me usually what sort of time you get off the ship after it as docked in Tilbury.? I have booked the coach to Victoria but need to book the connecting coach so I need to know a approx time Many thanks anyone who can help
  5. Would really like a 2 day tour when we are in St Petersburg but just wondering if we will keep up?my husband is 72 and struggles a bit with lots of walking up steps,what sort of age people go on the 2 day trips,any advice welcome Thanks
  6. Hi we are going on baltic cruise with C/M in may,,Can anyone advise please We will do ship excursions or tour in St Petersburg,But which of the other ports are easy to get off ship and do on our own/ Amsterdam/Copenhagen/Warnemumde/Tallin/Helsinki/Stockholm/Aarhus IF anyone can give me any ideas of which cities are easy to get around from port I would be very grateful or if any are better doing trips,Also any idea what weather will be like in May?So we have some idea what to pack,Appreciate any info
  7. One of our stops overnight is st petersburg I have read several posts saying not to book trips from the ship as they are expensive,does anyone know what sort of prices they are compared to booking with individual company,I would rather go with the ship as always feel more secure,Any info on ship excursion prices? we do some ports ourselves it was st petersburg we were interesting in?any info would be most appreciated
  8. Hi we are going on a cruise on Columbus in May,can anyone tell me how you know what time we will need to be at Victoria for the interconnect coach done through cruise and maritime,Also do the coaches to Tilbury go within Victoria coach station,any info on this would be much appreciated
  9. We are going on columbus in may on Baltic cruise from Tilbury,If we book the interchange coach from Victoria coach station to Tilbury,with the cruise line how do we know what time to be at Victoria coach station? also is the interchange bus within victoria coach station?any info would be most appreciated
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