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  1. Does anyone know what capacity the Edge is sailing at? I have heard different answers from 50 to 60 percent.
  2. I have been following Don to, hopefully he will get home soon. It is a little scary because I sail on the 14th and also need the test to fly back into Canada.
  3. Does anyone know what percent the Edge is currently sailing at ?? I was told by my TA 50% but have seen posts on facebook with much higher numbers.
  4. Has anyone purchased the Manulife Covid medical insurance recently for a cruise ? I have been trying to figure out if it will truly cover covid. I have received different responses from Manulife reps. One says it will cover you if you are fully vaccinated and another says no.
  5. Can anyone confirm that I can use a province issed covid test for travel to the US or I have to pay for one done by a private lab.
  6. Where did you get travel insurance for the cruise??
  7. Called Manulife they are not selling covid insurance due to the no sail advisory. Im having a hard time finding insurance as a Canadian
  8. Does any one know who you can get covid travel insurance from if you are Canadian.
  9. Maybe they will have it worked out before your cruise.
  10. Does any one know if NCL is doing covid test at disinbarkment. I need a covid test within 72 hrs of flying back to Canada.
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