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  1. I did mention it when I booked because it was not my choice not to use it they don't have flights from where I am. I even said you should get some kind of credit if you are unable to take advantage of the perk.
  2. I'm thinking the same. Just read under a topic that someone received $100.00 off there booking for not using it. This was never mentioned to me when I booked through our PCC at NCL. Time to make a phone call.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has received an OBC or discount for not using the free airfare. Unfortunately it was not an option for me to use but it was one of the free perks that came with my booking.
  4. I thought if you did not have the package there was a set price?
  5. Thanks Jamie's. It's a little confusing because if you put the bid in the good range your paying pretty much the same price if you had just booked it the first place. Do you know if anyone has ever called and upgraded but get a better price than what is online.
  6. Anyone ever bid on a Haven and have it excepted right away or is it always a few days before sailing.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has received a confirmation on a upgrade bid for May 2019 sailings.
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