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  1. So you now have a partial ocean view room? What's the price comparison to your 4J for a partial ocean view? That's the true comparison now, right?
  2. Others are going to say yes, but my Carnival PVP says no.
  3. I'm going to the CS desk, waiting for the Chief of Security and then telling them exactly what I've experienced. No chance I let that go unpunished. I'm all for people enjoying themselves in almost every way, but within the rules and limits imposed by the cruise line.
  4. Because they're not interested in using the spa services?
  5. Your issue could certainly be related to the 1.67 FW, in which case your footage is probably lost.
  6. CP filter, for sure. Most modern cameras have UV filtering built into the lens from my understanding.
  7. DaVinci Resolve takes HEVC from a GoPro quite handily and it's free.
  8. DaVinci Resolve would like to have a word with you.
  9. Congratulations to everyone in this thread who are celebrating an anniversary, especially you, dongordon! 50 is a number that should certainly be celebrate. My wife and I feel like newbies, "only" celebrating our 20th on the Breeze in 2020.
  10. All the Adobe products require a monthly subscription, so they should automatically get written off for casual creators. On a computer, VSDC is extremely simple to use and will do everything you're asking for. On a tablet, I'm with Havoc315 and can highly recommend Lumafusion.
  11. I've found that people who choose be CO or swingers are very respectful and down to earth people, so this cruise sounds like something I could be interested in, although we don't fall into either of those categories. We just like respectful, honest and down to earth people.
  12. Crew will maintain their usual dining habits and rules. They'll eat where they normally eat (crew mess) and socialize where they normally socialize (crew bar).
  13. Attached is the response I received from my agent at Carnival, which essentially reiterates what I've been saying all along. For those of you who continue to dispute official Carnival policy, that's between you and Carnival. If those of you who have had your OBC applied to your gratuities, that's contrary to Carnival policy and should not be the expected result. It may also give a future passenger the wrong impression and could lead to some financial grief if it doesn't happen as expected. I'm done with this one. Some of you really need to simmer down and enjoy life.
  14. I'm certainly not wrong, because I'm directly quoting Carnival policy. Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses are three separate words: Taxes on any purchase cannot be paid for using OBC Port Expenses cannot be paid for using OBC Fee: A payment made to a professional person or to a professional or public body in exchange for advice or services. Official Carnival policy says Fees cannot be paid for using OBC. Gratuities are not a tax and are not a port expense, they are a fee and in accordance with the Oxford definition above. Again, if you have an issue with the official Carnival policy, you can stop replying to me and contact Carnival.
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