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  1. LOL I just posted the same thing but mine was for 20% off. The difference would be the sailing dates. My offer is only good from 4 Oct 2020 to 30 Apr 2022.
  2. On sale right now with an additional 20% off until 12 Apr 2020. Good for sailings from 10/4/2020 to 4/30/2022. Discount applied in your cart. It works out to $49/day including gratuity.
  3. Your statement is not based on any medical facts. A younger person with the same affliction as the older person will have a much higher chance of recovery if they do become infected with COVID-19. The older person who becomes infected will have a higher chance of not recovering.
  4. It's not "may"; we definitely did. Canadian ports are closed to cruise ships carrying more than 500 people. Ships < 500 people will have additional screening to go through.
  5. Ooof. That's 6 seconds of my life I'll never get back. That was brutal. How on earth did they get a gig on a cruise ship?!
  6. Good luck doing that at 3 am after a few drinks.
  7. It's dependent on how many days you're sailing. From the Carnival FAQ: The length of the cruise determines the number of Cruise Elegant evenings in the Dining Room. The first Cruise Elegant evening is scheduled for the 2nd or 3rd day of the cruise; the second Cruise Elegant evening is scheduled for the 2nd or 3rd day prior to the end of the cruise, schedules permitting. 1 Day cruise: none 2 Day to 5-day cruise: one Cruise Elegant evening 6 Day or longer cruise: two Cruise Elegant evenings
  8. As with everything cruising, your experience may be different than others, based on cruise line, ship, HD policy and even up to the server you have in the MDR. I've heard stories of all bottles being charged corkage, nobody being charged corkage and everything in between. I've read that someone who was gifted a bottle of champagne for their honeymoon was charged a corkage in the MDR yet someone who brought a bottle with them from shore (and sitting at the same table) was not charged corkage. Everything is dependent on the day of the week, the phase of the moon and the s
  9. Semantics on the name, but yup, I screwed up the number of them.
  10. 1 formal night on a 7-night cruise.
  11. So you just left it at that? I would call back and keep calling until you found someone who could answer your question.
  12. http://www.cruisecal.com/portal/ItineraryLookup/tabid/2918/Default.aspx
  13. Great tips. Thank you. Is there a microwave anywhere on Dream class ships, or can our room Steward pop our microwave popcorn?
  14. I honestly hate the feel of the silicone and metal straws in my mouth. My wife will be doing the "necklace straw" trick with her jewellery so I'll confiscate one of her straws and bring a brush to clean it.
  15. I've eaten at three of Guy's restaurants and none of the food was really any good (the one in the Cancun airport was atrocious). I'm looking forward to try the burgers on our Breeze cruise, but my expectations are low. Hopefully they can exceed them.
  16. Good luck doing that with mine. Carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate hardshell case. My wife bought two of them in Japan a few years ago. $145 apiece and I've used then extensively without any damage.
  17. You save 10% by purchasing Cheers before sailing.
  18. Ahhh, I was given bad info from a cruiser then. Thank you. I've edited my previous post to reflect the new info.
  19. Wait...what are these gift cards you're speaking of, lol? Can they be used to buy cruise cash?
  20. Would you care to explain which part of my statement is false? As per the Carnival website: "Guests must purchase the program for the entire cruise; this program is not offered on a per day basis" The Carnival website is very clear about purchasing for the entire duration of the cruise. If you experienced something different, it was contrary to Carnival's written policy.
  21. Not quite. If you buy Cheers on day 2, you still have to pay for all the days of your cruise. There is no discount. Drinks purchased on day 1 and 2 will be credited to your Cheers purchase.
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