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  1. So, different ship and different dining package (Adventure OTS and 3 night dining), but we had the same situation. We originally talked to the host in Chops (our first dinner) and as long as our children ordered from the kids menu, we were only charged $10 per meal. We waited a day for the credit to appear and then ended up going to Guest Services and they worked it out with the restaurants and we got the credit as OBC. It wasn’t difficult, just have to keep an eye on it. HTH!
  2. We enjoyed virgin mojitos. Except for the time the bartender blended it. Otherwise, very tasty.
  3. We took an Uber XL from the Best western down the street from the port and there was plenty of availability. It was probably a difference of 2-3 minutes for a regular Uber vs the XL. We we also had the option of the hotel shuttle, $10 pp and the XL was half the cost - there were four of us in the group. Also, I wasn’t sure if the shuttle made multiple stops at the port. We saw the shuttles and there were two of them hauling luggage trailers. I’m glad we avoided that. So easy to take an Uber (or taxi).
  4. We were so happy we bought magnetic hooks and wished we had bought two sets. We we also brought a magnetic rechargeable nightlight that was awesome. HTH!
  5. We thought the show was pretty good. It would be #2 out of the ones we saw. The singer is very engaging and is a pretty good Adele. Enjoy your cruise!
  6. I'm a little late with my trip report, but this board was very helpful with planning and info and I wanted to return the favor. I'll try to keep it short, but feel free to ask questions. Our sailing group included two families (4 adults, 3 kids). We both had panoramic oceanview staterooms on deck 12 and those were awesome, but my kids (11, 7) both agreed that they would like to have a balcony for our next cruise. Our room steward, Wilson, was the best!!!! We had Scrabble letters on our door and each day he would write us a new message. I can't say enough nice things about him! We had My Time Dining at 5:45 PM most nights and had the same great waiter/asst. waiter - Vijendra and Shardul. They were really great and knew what we wanted for drinks after day 1. The kids loved them and loved our head water, Savio. We also had the 3-night specialty dining package and went to Chops two nights and Giovanni's Table one night. Chops & Giovanni's were excellent, as was the main dining room. We really liked the ship. I didn't think it was that big (our last cruise was a few years ago on the Disney Wonder). Maybe our next cruise we will go with a bigger ship. The shows were ok... we saw Invitation to Dance, Impact, A Night with Adele and our hands-down favorite was the ice skating show. I have no idea how they skate on such a small rink. For the ports... Labadee: We took the historical tour which was an hour long and it was too long for our group. I think we were just itching to get to the beach and the Beach Bed that we had reserved. I had read that the water at Adrenaline Beach was rocky and it definitely was the farther out we went from shore. But the kids loved the water and didn't really notice the rocks as much as the adults did. The Beach Bed was great. It came with two loungers, two floating mats and a cooler with 6 large bottles of Evian water. We thought it was definitely worth it. We also had all-day passes for the Dragon Tail Coaster. We didn't go to the coaster until well after lunch and there wasn't a line by that point. The kids got in many rides and had a blast. San Juan PR: Our first stop in sunny San Juan was Senor Paleta's for refreshing fruit popsicles. We walked over to see the umbrellas on Fortaleza Street... those are so cool. Great photo opps! And then we made our way to El Morro. I wish we had brought a kite because it was a great day for it. The kids explored the fort for a bit and then it was time for us to catch our ride to El Yunque National Park for our rainforest horseback ride that we booked on our own with Carabali Rainforest Adventure Park. My only gripe was that they ask you to arrive 45 minutes prior to your reservation time (our time was 5 PM), but you end up waiting for 40 minutes. I thought the time would be spent with an orientation and getting ready, but that didn't start until 5 PM. We would rather have spent more time at El Morro, but what can you do? The ride and the guides were great. We really enjoyed it. And the horses were so gentle (except for mine, it wanted to go faster and be at the front of the pack). I was amazed that the younger kids could ride on the horses solo. And then we headed back to San Juan and back on board for a late dinner. Carabali recommended two taxi companies and I made the transportation arrangements with them directly. St. Maarten: We booked an island tour and the Bucaneer Beach Adventure through Royal Caribbean. We probably could have booked on our own, but St. Maarten was the last on our planning list and we just went with the easiest options. The island tour was ok. We were limited to the Dutch side due to a taxi side on the French side. I wonder if that impacted the ability to get a ride to the beaches on the French side. My oldest was so happy when we stopped at the carousel and went to the French bakery. She ate an entire baguette on her own. Then our next excursion was to Bucaneer Beach. The nice part was that lunch was included as were loungers, a small table and an umbrella. We had inflatable pool noodles that the kids used to float around. St. Kitts: I think this was our busiest day... started off with a tour with Jim from Rose & Jim's Taxi Tours. Jim was great! We even saw his childhood home on our tour. He took us around and we made many stops including Romney Manor, Brimstone Hill Fortress, and the Black Rocks. A beach stop was also included but we had to pay separate for chair/umbrellas and lunch. As part of our tour, he also took us to our excursion we booked on our own to Dolphin Discovery. Swimming with the dolphins! That was really cool and the kids really enjoyed that. Jim was waiting for us to take us back to the ship. We loved the tour and how accommodating Jim was with taking us to Dolphin Discover and back to the ship. One thing that I heavily researched were items to bring/buy for our cruise. For us, the most helpful things were 1) magnetic hooks - wish I had brought more them!; 2) a magnetic nightlight; and 3) something to add more outlets - and I learned after the fact, that the one I bought and used was one that I should not have used, despite what Amazon told me. Those are the highlights... I could write on and on but I won't. Onto the next vacation!
  7. For the shows we went to in the Lyric Theatre, we showed up 15-30 minutes beforehand (we did not see all of the shows). And even after the show started, there were still seats. I’m pretty sure all of the shows we went to were at 9 pm, except for one at 2 pm, so can’t speak to the earlier shows. For the the ice skating show, we lined up before they opened the doors. We went on the last day of the cruise and there was still seating available as the show started. HTH!
  8. We were just on the Adventure and our family had the Cruise On outlets and our cousins had the white Anker, both were allowed on and fit into the outlets. Not sure if it makes a difference that our devices were in our carry-on bags and not the suitcases. I had thought about the black Anker one shown above but read that extension cords were prohibited (as well as surge protectors) and didn't want to risk it.
  9. We were on the same cruise as OP and the ship is in great condition. The only places I noticed any wear and tear were in the elevators, mostly with the day of the week “sign.” Our cabin (category 1L) was perfect. Didn’t notice anything amiss.
  10. Really random question, but is there a toy shop or other shop that sells stuffed animals on the ship? TIA!
  11. Thanks! I have no idea why my message posted twice!
  12. Do you have to take care of erroneous charges before disembarking or can you call after the cruise? After reading all of these posts, we will definitely check daily but I don’t know that I would want to deal with it as I’m trying to disembark if something shows up the last night. Thanks!
  13. Do you have to take care of erroneous charges before disembarking or can you call after the cruise? After reading all of these posts, we will definitely check daily but I don’t know that I would want to deal with it as I’m trying to disembark if something shows up the last night. Thanks!
  14. We booked the walking tour for our stop here... is it worth it? The idea was to at least see the area. Or should we just stay on the beach all day? We rented a beach bed, so we are excited for that! Thanks!
  15. I was thinking of getting one of these! Did you use it at the beach and the pool and felt comfortable just leaving it attached to the chair? Thanks!
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