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  1. AT&T also has a plan you can turn on that charge s you $10 per day to be able to use your phone on a lot of the Caribbean Islands. It only charges you if you use it. We put phones in airplane mode as soon as we get on ship. Once we go ashore we switch it out of airplane mode and use it just like we regularly would.
  2. TravelBluebird somewhere in the paperwork I think it asks about dietary restrictions. My husband is allergic to shellfish and I remember putting it in somewhere. Also, we just let our waiter at YTD know about his allergy. He brought the next nights menu and let him order ahead so they could make sure there was no cross contamination. We always requested the same waiter and they had no problem granting our request. I don't know if it was because it was easier to stick us with the same waiter since he put in our order for the next night, or if we just lucked out.
  3. The last couple of years there have been black Friday sales around Thanksgiving. If you get All state discount cards you can stack the discounts. Also, some stores do discounts on gift cards as it gets to Christmas shopping season.
  4. I have never dealt with a peanut allergy, but we have a shellfish allergy. Carnival did an excellent job in my opinion. In the dining room they bring you the next nights menu and you order ahead. This way they can guarantee no cross contamination. At the buffet and the smaller food venues we were on our own. The people working at the buffet could answer basic questions about ingredients and we asked the guy at the taco place to put on new gloves so there was no cross contamination.
  5. They took my extra FCC and added it as OBC. I had an extra $420 left after I rebooked and it was added to my on board account. Also, I didn't put a deposit down on my new cruise. I looked online and decided what I wanted, called my PVP and left a message. He called me back less than half an hour later and set it all up and transferred my money for me. It didn't cost me anything out of pocket...
  6. I have bought things online with multiple gift cards. Maybe but some cruise cash with your leftover balances? That way you can spend it without going to the service desk. Just an idea...
  7. You can also apply a carnival gift card to your account once on board. Last cruise we put a $300 gift card on our account and only had about $40 on our credit card when we left.
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