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  1. My friend I do agree with you to have everything priority if you book a penthouse suite and above.
  2. Ask for money back. Tell them you are in a suite.You are VIP. I think is Zeniths that have your Check In spots.
  3. Wish I find a RICH boyfriend booking suites most the time.🤨
  4. Hmmmm. who are you? Why you should get an invitation.
  5. Does junior suite consider suite guess and has access to suite lounge?
  6. What? $120.00 is a big significant difference!!! I think you better have someone manage you finance.
  7. Read my lips I only see zeniths be allowed back to Retreat Lounge if they found out Zeniths stop cruising Celebrity.
  8. If the leader doesn’t care much of his state economy what should we Floridian do? just get rid of him. its that simple.
  9. No it is not crazy. Look at this way last year DOW was 20000 and now is 34000
  10. Passengers do not need to fly may not consider St Marteen but is another option for passengers do need to fly to get to the port. There are still a lot of passengers that need to take flights to the port.it won’t make much different to them.That’s why Celebrity put a smaller ship there just to test the water.If the demand is there they will move more ships there.Of course it will be short term if the demand is not there.
  11. Stupido!!! Why don't you pay my electricity bill that you never use.
  12. Do you have any thing better to do than this? God help me please.
  13. Why not have some SOLO CRUISER ONLY itineraries.That will surely reduce the capacity.
  14. I just don't understand how these people manage their finances. If you are closed to bankrupt will you still buy a Ferrari ?
  15. My Celebrity Reflection will be sailing tomorrow. I will be flying out in 2 hours time.
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