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  1. Do you have a link to where you can do it online? TIA
  2. I was on the phone with my TA and we were told we would have to call and talk to Revenue on Monday. Anyone heard of anything like this? Symphony is showing plenty of availability. This meets all the requirements of L&S - same week next year, Caribbean and same ship and same room category. Anyone have this issue? If so, was it resolved?
  3. Thanks all for the discussion - I didn't realize it was that complicated :). I will most likely let Royal cancel and get the 125% FCC and book a new cruise so I can have the CWC coverage (assuming I can book sometime in January).
  4. My family is currently booked on Symphony in March 2021. Pretty sure this is going to cancel in the next couple of weeks (and I probably would need to cancel anyway as I am high risk for Covid and would prefer to wait until vaccinated) so I am looking to L&S to March 2022. I would prefer to L&S rather than cancel for FCC now as the fares have gone up significantly for 2022. The problem is our son's spring break week for 2022 has not yet been published. If I lift and shift and then find out in a couple of months that we cant travel the selected week in 2022, can I then cancel and g
  5. We are sailing on Liberty of the Seas for the first time in September. I am hoping to upgrade from a balcony cabin to one with a spacious balcony. Our preference is to face the ports when in port. For the western Caribbean sailing to Cozumel, Jamaica and Grand Cayman which side of the ship typically faces the port? Also, which ports are tenders? Thanks for any info.
  6. Can you use the prime level internet discount for multiple devices? I know it is generally cheaper to purchase in the planner, but have some OBC i can use once on board. Thanks for any info.
  7. A question for the experts- we have 3 rooms booked on Oasis this June and have come across some great incentives from our TA and using our AMX platinum card. 1 room is for my husband and I and the other 2 are our children and friends. The non refundable OBC we have is about $400 per room. Is there a way to combine the OBC? Ie can my husband and I use it to purchase a beverage package on board even through some of it is assigned to the other rooms? Thanks for any advice you can provide.
  8. We will save about $1200 in airfare from LGA so unfortunately we are going to have to deal with the hassle, but thank you sincerely for your input. We can push back to 3:15 assuming that is safer.
  9. Pricing out of LGA saves a lot when you factor in 6 people. We typically self assist off, but I don’t want to be stressed about it. Thanks for all the input
  10. Sunday June 14th. If 12:20 is risky what would be a safe time? We have 6 in our party and don’t want to sit at the airport all day, but also would hate to miss the flight. I’ve been spoiled with FLL where noon is easy.
  11. We are sailing on Oasis in June out of Bayonne. Is a 12:20 return flight out of LGA safe? I haven’t flown out of that port before. Thanks for any info,
  12. What Central Park cabins on Oasis have the larger balconies? Also, can the CP balconiy dividers be opened ? Thanks.
  13. Is anytime after noon a safe time to book a flight home at Cape Liberty? We are on Oasis in June. Thanks.
  14. My advice is to budget how much you are willing to drop for entertainment and watch your points. I had hit my budget on the last day but noticed I was less than 200 points from prime so I pulled out extra $$$ to get there. I have booked my cruise off the certificate for interior and upgraded to balcony on Liberty next fall. The certificate saved me over $1300. I will also get the prime cruise in April which should yield a higher savings since I can pick what I want. I figure I got a good deal on “prepaying” for the 2 cruises with the additional investment. Total investment was $700 and I
  15. We got ours in the planner for $49pp for 7 night Allure next week.
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