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  1. We are going to be getting off the Norwegian Epic in Civitavecchia. The ship docks at 6:00 AM (I know that doesn't mean that is when we will get off the ship). There is a Intercity train from Civitavecchia to Naples that leaves at 9:24 AM. There are only 2 a day that are direct to Naples and the next one isn't until 5:08 PM. Do you think we could make the 9:24 AM train. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. We will be cruising next year, and our port of disembarkation is Civitavecchia. We are heading to Positano after that, and right now we have a transfer booked that meets us at the port and takes us to Positano. As you can imagine the cost is 500 Euros.... but the convenience of it is very alluring... We love not having to handle our luggage after we get off the shuttle at the port. But now I am second guessing myself. I know that we can get a train from the port to Rome to Naples... and then get a transfers from Naples to Positano and it would be much cheaper. But the problem is having to deal with our luggage. We will be on a 3 week trip , so we will have substantial luggage. Is it relatively easy to take the train, and have to deal with luggage or would it be better to just spend the money for the ease of a transfer. I come from a small town in Georgia, and we don't have a train system, although I have take the subway in many large cities. We just can't decide if it is worth it to pay the money and do the transfer or save the money and do the train. I have tried to find videos on YouTube to see just how easy it would be,, but I can't find anything that does the trip through to Naples. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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