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  1. We are going to be getting off the Norwegian Epic in Civitavecchia.  The ship docks at 6:00 AM  (I know that doesn't mean that is when we will get off the ship).  There is a Intercity train from Civitavecchia to Naples that leaves at 9:24 AM.  There are only 2 a day that are direct to Naples and the next one isn't until 5:08 PM.  Do you think we could make the 9:24 AM train.  Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. We will be cruising next year, and our port of disembarkation is Civitavecchia.  We are heading to Positano after that, and right now we have a transfer booked that meets us at the port and takes us to Positano.  As you can imagine the cost is 500 Euros.... but the convenience of it is very alluring...   We love not having to handle our luggage after we get off the shuttle at the port.  But now I am second guessing myself.  I know that we can get a train from the port to Rome to Naples... and then get a transfers from Naples to Positano and it would be much cheaper.  But the problem is having to deal with our luggage.  We will be on a 3 week trip , so we will have substantial luggage.  Is it relatively easy to take the train, and have to deal with luggage or would it be better to just spend the money for the ease of a transfer.  I come from a small town in Georgia, and we don't have a train system, although I have take the subway in many large cities.  We just can't decide if it is worth it to pay the money and do the transfer or save the money and do the train.  I have tried to find videos on YouTube to see just how easy it would be,, but I can't find anything that does the trip through to Naples.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Thank you so much for doing a live from right now, because we cruise on the Royal in April for 20 days. This will tide me over for the next few days, and it will definitely keep the excitement up . I do have one question, I saw that you are staying at the Hilton Garden Inn, is that the one in Dania Beach. If so, that is where we are staying too and we will be leaving our car parked there for the entirety of the cruise. Could you give me any impressions or opinions on the hotel, does it feel safe? is it relatively clean? etc. thanks in advance, and I hope you have a great cruise and I look forward to reading all about it.

  4. We will be in Bonaire in April 2016. We have booked Woodwind tours. I know there is a lot on info on this tour company. But I am looking at info for a specific tour that we have booked. We booked the Snorkeling & Sailing tour. Any feedback on this specific tour would be appreciated

  5. I know many people have asked about this, but I need specific feedback on a specific tour. We will be in St. Lucia in april 2016. We have used Cosol before and loved him but wanted something different. We are looking at the Land Sea and Beach Adventure. Any thoughts or opinions on this specific tour will be appreciated.

  6. I need advice... My sister and I are going to be on the Royal in April 2016. We are deciding on shore excursions and because it is a 20 day cruise there are a lot of decisions to make. We want to use our money wisely, but also we don't want to miss out on anything. I would like anyone's opinion on the value of the tours (if you have done them). And any opinions on anything about the tours. I am also going to post this in the port of call forum for each island to get even more feedback. We are avid cruisers and we are open to any opinion. Here are the island and tours most are ship tours through Princess but 2 are independent tours I will notate which one they are.

    Antigua-ship tour-Catamaran & Lobster Lunch Scenic Cruise and Swim

    Barbados-ship tour-Five Star Sail, Turtle Encounter & Lunch

    St. Lucia-independent tour-Spencer Ambrose Tours Land , Sea, & Beach Adventure (we have done Cosol before and loved it just wanted to try something different)

    St. Kitts-ship tour-Scenic Railway Ride and Coastal Cruise

    Dominica-ship tour-River tubing & Rain forest scenic dr.

    Grenada-ship tour-Panoramic Coastal & Country Drive

    Bonaire-independent tour- Woodwind Snorkeling and Sailing

    Aruba-ship tour-Semi Submarine, shipwreck & Island Drive.

    If there is an island that we should not get off and see let us know that too. We have bee so some of these islands and wanted to go back again. Sorry about the long post but thanks for your time in reading in and responding.

  7. I have never felt unsafe onboard. The only time I have ever even thought about the possibility of there being a chance something could happen was when we were on the Oasis of the Seas (huge ship) and our cabin was almost completely aft. I was coming back to my cabin one night by myself and i was about half way to the cabin and I looked behind and in front of me and the hallway was empty, and for a minute I thought how easy it would be for someone to open a cabin door and pull me in and nobody would know. But that was just for a second and then I knew the odds are very low and I am usually always with someone. Now if I was going with a child I would never let them walk the hallways by themselves , all you have to do is be smart on the ship just like you are at home and you will be fine.

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