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  1. Thank you, however, I believe that was referring to the Celebrity Apex not the Celebrity Beyond
  2. I know they bounce around from ship to ship, but generally speaking, does Celebrity put their newest crew members on the oldest ships? Seems like when we were on the Edge we encountered a lot more experienced crew members.
  3. Anyone hear rumors on where Celebrity Beyond will be deployed when it's ready. I'm assuming a TA to the Caribbean since its schedule to come out in the fall.
  4. Any idea when the bookings will open up?
  5. are there any details on what the promotion will be?
  6. Does anyone know if the future cruise desk is generally open on embarkation day?
  7. What is the reduced deposit amount for a suite when you book onboard?
  8. Is it safe to assume that menu 1 is served on the 1st night of each sailing? Or could it change?
  9. Is AQ worth $300pp more than inside cabin? Jw if its worth the value. Don't see any regular veranda available on the sailing I'm looking at
  10. Don't see a sale for any of my sailings yet
  11. When is your sailing? When this happened to me I had to wait a few days before they updated online
  12. Here is a link to one of those threads
  13. If you have the classic package and the upgrade option isn't showing for you in the cruise planner, you will have to call celebrity and ask them to add it so that it shows in the cruise planner. I just had to do it for my upcoming cruise...fairly annoying.
  14. Yes one person can do it. You can either purchase the upgrade in the cruise planner on the celebrity website or visit any of the bars once you are in board. The price is $10 per day plus gratuity. So $12 per day
  15. The chicken wings on the edge at roof top grill offer dry rub and spicy buffalo wings which are great
  16. Yes, you will get the perks for the new stateroom category. What is your sailing date? just curious.
  17. No, that's why I posted the question. I know from experience the premium bev package does not include/cover all of the top-shelf spirits that are on board. Hence my question. There's no reason to try and be rude
  18. Yes, I can see the details in my cruise planner but it did not answer my question.
  19. I logged into my cruise planner and see something new called Upgrade from Classic Package to Drinks & More Package....has anyone purchased this? Does it allow you to get higher rend liquors than what the Premium package will allow for?
  20. No problem. During my last sailing there was something in the clothes closet that listed prices. As @wrk2cruise pointed out, the prices are listed online however, I was hoping to see if there were discrepancies from the prices listed onboard. We all know how accurate the celebrity website can be. T Hanks anyway for checking! I'm very much enjoying your blog!
  21. Could you post a picture of the laundry service prices that's in your stateroom for me?
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