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  1. Has celebrity been honoring existing qsine reservations purchased through the cruise planner?
  2. I have pre booked a reservation at qsine through the cruise planner for my sailing in Feb 2020. I wonder what will happen with that
  3. Glad to hear that. What ship and what was your bid?
  4. Were you TSA Precheck or Global Entry?
  5. Thank you for everyone's helpful tips and suggestions! We have global entry and tsa precheck. However, we aren't staying in a suite, but we do prefer to self disembark. There's a decently priced flight that leaves SJU at 10:45am. The other best flight option doesn't get us to our final destination until midnight, plus a ride home from the airport. Still thinking that one over..... Safe cruising everyone!
  6. Indeed. Me pointing out to you, the post # that the OP mentions how much she tips does NOT mean I care which post # she mentions it.
  7. lol why do I need to reread #1? I'm not the one who cares which post # she mentions how much she tips.
  8. If you put a * at the end of your search phrase, it will return different/more results. For example cruise*
  9. Paul, back in March my wife and I sailed the Edge. We ran into IMADE working the sunset bar, whom we have meet before on a previous cruise. On one instance, I grabbed a few snacks from the buffet and proceed to sit at the sunset bar and ordered a drink from IMade. He politely told me I cannot eat at the bar and that I needed to find another seat. This seems conflicting from your experience on Millennium. Are you aware of any official policy on that? Obviously coming from the States, its normally accepted to eat food at a restaurant bar. Just curious on your thoughts. Thanks
  10. Thank you for all of the helpful replies! What's the best means of transportation to/from SJU to the cruise terminal? What can I expect the fare to be? Thanks again!
  11. Hi All, I just booked a cruise on the Summit out of San Juan. What's the earliest you think I could make a flight out of SJU? I'm not sure how far the cruise port is from SJU airport. The ship docks at 6am, then to clear customs and all that stuff, etc. Thanks
  12. Paul, thanks for posting the picture of the laundry service. What would be the regular price of a bag of laundry for non elite, non suite guests? Thanks!
  13. Randi, do you know if passengers are allowed to bring CBD products onto the ship?
  14. For the Premier Pass, is the officer lunch at one of the specialty dining venues?
  15. Paul, I can't find your post on skagway. Did your itinerary stop there? If so, could you please share what you did at port? Thanks
  16. Do you happen to have any pictures of the balcony or stateroom you are willing to share? My wife and I will be sailing in February in stateroom 7303. Thanks!
  17. How do you know this, does someone you know write the code for the cruise line?
  18. Does anyone know if the Edge is doing invites for sailaway on the helipad for suite and/or concierge class?
  19. We are also on the March 24th sailing on the Edge, but did not receive upgrade email until the evening of March 3rd. The price to upgrade is still quite hefty
  20. Paul, we are sailing on the Edge March 24th. We met I Made on the Equinox last year, and loved his service. Could you kindly ask him him if he will still be on the Edge for the March 24th sailing? Thanks and Happy Birthday!
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