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  1. It was nothing big. Just some clean up, new carpet, paint, TVs in cabins are now flat panel, some wallpaper art may or may not have been removed from the area behind the elevator. Other than that, it’s the same Pride as before.
  2. Explain embedding photos into the hub app schedule?
  3. Take it on with the box/packaging that clearly shows no surge protection. Once they see that you are good. Security knows. They know more than about 95% of the people here. Dont let the others ruin your cruise.
  4. Its an extra stop, but any towel hut would have gave you new towels or swapped out the old ones. I actually take the serenity ones off ship instead of the blue ones.
  5. I don’t either but we should find out. I mean, if we are tipping stewards before completion of requests, I should be tipping room service in advance so I get placed to the front of the orders, get priority delivery, and a guarantee no one spits in my BLT.
  6. They used to sell a book with all the drink recipes. It was a while ago so it wouldn’t have the new drinks from places like the comedy clubs, Red Frog, sports bars, etc. Maybe CCL should update and sell again. Probably would be a hot seller in the gift shops.
  7. With no proof it was actually the staff.
  8. No one wants to believe their loved ones are abusing drugs - until they actually are.
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