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  1. Love Azamara, but there is just no way that I am going to book a cruise with them until all of this shakes down. I'll stick with more stable brands as the risk of losing your money in a bankruptcy is just too big in my opinion.
  2. Actually, this is incorrect. If you read the full benefits on the two page document that links from the webpage, the cappucinos and lattes and fitness class etc. are still listed as benefits at the Elite Plus Tier. Here is the link to that document which lists everything on Page 2. https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/cc0ce13c#/cc0ce13c/2
  3. I agree completely. I am Elite Plus and their targeted GenX demographic with no kids and travel money to spend, but I am done with loyalty to this line. I liked the new all inclusive pricing since I buy it anyway...but now they are just trying to vacuum more out of our pockets with dry cleaning packages, pressing packages and tiered Internet speeds. Such a slap in the face to their customers....the ones who would undoubtedly sail with them to get them out of the fiscal hole they currently find themself in. I'll move on over to Princess , or even HAL, as they tend to offer better itinerarie
  4. I like the all inclusive pricing actually, since I get all those things anyway...but I am really disappointed in the lack of changes in Captains Club benefits announced today. I had anticipated there would be something worthwhile in these changes, but since there isn't, it is now time for me to go elsewhere. I have a future booking on hold for late 2021 which I will just probably cancel and forfeit the $100 deposit. Finally got Elite+ and absolutely no incentive for me to stay loyal to this line. Now my decisions will solely be based on best itinerary which Celebrity seldom offers. Think
  5. I don't tend to sail in Suites, so depending on pricing I'm either going to be in Aqua or a balcony and end up purchasing or paying for all 4 perks anyway - plus an upgrade to premium bev package....so to me, I like the price all in and then it's easier for me to know what a good price is without doing all the math of one perk, two perks, four perks included etc. So yes it's simpler for me to understand the pricing and just pay before i go.
  6. I'm GenX and Elite+; and yes all inclusive pricing makes it more likely that I will continue sailing Celebrity. That being said, if they are targeting my demographic, they are going to have to stop the relentless Beatles tribute bands and find some more interesting activities and entertainment options beyond a Silent Disco. I can only sit on the stool at the Martini Bar for so long. 🙂 Some late night shows would be a nice change. Virgin Voyages actually sounds somewhat appealing because they are focusing on healthy lifestyles, some fun entertainment and thankfully no buffet. We tend to
  7. Yes, I understand that - hence the question of what they will do.
  8. Right. But if they already give us some laundry perks, discounts on drink packages and Internet packages, and free specialty coffee......so you would think they would have to keep some of that stuff.
  9. No kidding. Perhaps they will give Elite plus the premium beverage upgrade and the streaming upgrade and some free laundry. I would be happy with that as I can't think of anything else I would really want anyway.
  10. I finally make it to Elite Plus and now Captain's Club benefits are going to change before I even get to sail at the new status. What do you think they're going to do?
  11. Thanks so much. Is it new that you don't have to upgrade everyone in the cabin?
  12. If you are an Elite Plus CC member, and you want to upgrade to the Premium Drink package (Classic package is our included perk).....do you get a 10% discount off the upgrade cost? If yes, how does one do this before you sail?
  13. Booked on the 10 night Lisbon to Barcelona on October 9, 2021. Any guesses or word when they are going to do the upgrade yet? I'm in a Deck 11 AQ cabin and liked what they did to the Summit during the revolution......hope Infinity will be done by then (if they don't sell the ship that is...).
  14. All of the prices on all of the cruise lines are hyper-inflated because of the generous future cruise credits they handed out and lift and shift promos etc. There is NO WAY I would give any cruise line money right now, including Azamara. There is too much risk and who knows if several of these lines will even survive. I certainly have my doubts Azamara is going to get through this.
  15. I love cruises, but you just would not get me on a ship in the next 12 months (at least). I suspect most people feel that way and therefore don't understand how this industry can survive without major restructuring. The new big ships are more cost efficient and maximize revenue, they have to be the focus. The question will be...does anyone want to go on a big ship anymore? Fewer passengers seems a lot more attractive in a COVID-19 environment....so maybe smaller ships will stand a chance?
  16. It will be interesting to see what happens to the entire cruise industry. I suspect many ships will be sold or mothballed and several cruise brands will cease to exist. With 3 old ships you have to wonder if Azamara has much of a path forward.
  17. In my opinion, No. It's about the same quality as Celebrity, both food and service-wise. It's quieter, ships are a nice compact size...but no it is not worth any sort of premium over the usual Celebrity cruise.
  18. I don't even know what you're talking about at this point......but I'm glad you're having a good time.
  19. I don't understand why you are questioning the accuracy of my comments. Why would I fabricate or spread misinformation? I see no benefit to me in doing that, and that seems to be what you are implying. I'm glad this was not your experience, but it was definitely mine. Didn't ruin my vacation, and it was all minor stuff, but I think it would have been a better experience if they paid attention to these things. Cruise on.
  20. Please don't misunderstand, I had a GREAT cruise. The negative things I have mentioned were minor issues. I just think I like Celebrity a bit more. In Oman they took us to the new Convention Centre which was about 30 to 40 minutes away. There was a local band that played a few songs, followed by a brass band that played Christmas music. The show was probably about 45 minutes long and then they took us back to the ship. I wish I had just stayed on the ship. I would not do it again.
  21. Only once and it was very minor. I loved that cabin. I would probably switch to the one on the other side because 8073 had a tub and the other was just a shower. I only use a shower. I also liked that there was a partial blocked view on the balcony with the slant of the ship's structure. Others might not like that - but I thought it was great because it gave it more privacy on the one side and also some shelter from the wind when required.
  22. Not sure how I could have missed that....I was on the lounge chair all day on those days and never heard or saw a thing! How much did I drink??
  23. Sorry, the only time there was ever music played at the pool was at the White Night Party - no live music permformed or taped music played there during the day.
  24. Well I'm not tying to misrepresent, nor would I see any point in misrepresenting what it was like on board. What woudl I gain from that? Anyway, I commented that there was no live music at sailaway or poolside - there was also recorded music poolside during the day, nor was there before dinner or after dinner at one of the bars similar to Martini bar on Celebrity to liven things up a bit. That is what I was missing and I think it would have been a bit more enjoyable if there had been. Had I been on a Caribbean cruise I would have really missed have some music at the pool even more. The t
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